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  1. THCsoftcore

    DB-15 Joystick Options

    Sigma Pro Stick is a good one.
  2. THCsoftcore

    [FS] JAMMA extension harness

    @RGB - It was the Splitfire. Thanks!
  3. THCsoftcore

    [FS] JAMMA extension harness

    Just added them to original post. Sorry for not doing that to start.
  4. THCsoftcore

    [FS] JAMMA extension harness

    I feel silly, but I still can't get button 6 working. I cut the trace on the bottom of the HAS 4.2 per the manual. Extension cable is plugged in correctly (gold dot on pcb side). Enabling/disabling button 6 on the extension PCB makes no difference. Perhaps I did not cut deep or far enough...
  5. THCsoftcore

    Problem with astro city PSU

    Would a 5V LED also work the same here?
  6. THCsoftcore

    Problem with astro city PSU

    Would a resistor on a switch help here?
  7. THCsoftcore

    FS Namco StarBlade System 21 PCB *Working*

    You always have the coolest shit.
  8. THCsoftcore

    Axun Workshop - Arcade PSU (Power Supply Unit)

    I got my PSU the other day. Really happy with the build quality of this and voltage is stable with no material loss across supplied cables. I'm happy. Worth the wait.
  9. THCsoftcore

    CPS3 with garbage screen

    The DS cart requires the 3rd strike population of SIMMs (slot 6) regardless of what game you write, else you get the not enough memory error. I missed this at first, but sounds like you are not even seeing that anywhere? If you swapped all the SIMMs from a verified working unit to your friends...
  10. THCsoftcore

    CPS3 Acrylic Case on Taobao

    Oh no. I just ordered one today and didn't read this until now.
  11. THCsoftcore

    CPS3 with garbage screen

    I spent four hours last night getting an untested motherboard to finally boot. I had garbage screen half the time, so I took a fiberglass pen to the cart edge itself and that seemed to help. I still feel like improper SIMM configuration can cause this, but perhaps someone can confirm. At least...
  12. THCsoftcore

    best way to clean PCBs

    Personal preference as I use it for other more sensitive connection as well. I just use 2 drops and spread it. The sprays just contain a diluted concentration due to solvents. Both are fine.
  13. THCsoftcore

    best way to clean PCBs

    1. Nylon anti static brushes. 2. Kim wipes or old t-shirts/rags (clean) 3. 91% or 99% IPA (not the syrup beer) Spray, scrub, and then put down dry wipe/t-shirt/rag and go over again with brush to soak up while still wet. For the edge connectors, use a fiberglass pen if really bad. If just a...
  14. THCsoftcore

    Blast City / Astro City - First Time Restorations

    Really clean example. I think dark blue looks personally. Looks great either way. Always yellow for start buttons. :)
  15. THCsoftcore

    CPS3 JAMMA running 3rd strike randomly freezing in my blast city

    My vote is on SIMMS as well. Edit: I see they passed the test now. Have you tried rewriting the game?
  16. THCsoftcore

    FS CPS1 - CPS1.5 CAPCOM Encryption auto injector

    Good seller here. Have no reservations on buying from them.
  17. THCsoftcore

    WTB WTB: Zombie Raid

    I do. PM coming your way.
  18. THCsoftcore

    WTB WTB: Zombie Raid

    Looking for a board only. Let me know if you have one you want to part with. Thanks
  19. THCsoftcore

    Arcade PCB Practice Mods - Gradius IV, Dodonpachi, Outzone, Tatsujin-Oh, XEXEX

    Sorry to bother you @alamone, but do you recall what rom type is needed for Gradius IV? I can't read marking per photos and really don't want to pull it out and take all 24 screws off to go back inside.