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  1. mattsoft

    Aqua Ippan

    IIRC, this is a "modern Windows" game running on some framework (e.g., Unity or something) that is inspired by the Metal Slug series, so it won't be released on cart for the OG Neo Geo.
  2. mattsoft

    Type X3 video card and CPU upgrade

    I use this one: It's the EVGA GeForce GTX 1060 SC. It has a single fan and so that card is small and fits just fine in the TTX3 case. Massive performance boost! Just flash your TTX3 BIOS so it can take any...
  3. mattsoft

    FS MiSTix ITX board for MiSTer

    Up for sale is this MiSTix board for the MiSTer FPGA. This is an "ITX" board you can plug your DE-10 Nano into and slap into an ITX case. This came out of a CheckMate 1500 that no longer has a MiSTer in it, so here it is for sale. Comes with the mounting plate, the bridge-board & fan adapter...
  4. mattsoft

    FS Sinden Light Guns

    Up for sale are 2 new Sinden light guns with recoil. 1 gun is blue, 1 is red. New in open box. Just never used these, and have no plans to. $300 for both shipped in the US.
  5. mattsoft

    FS Vewlix/NAC/Egret/Windy etc - Coin Reject Credit Button Kits

    Got these today and installed into my Astro, Blast and Vewlix cabs. The install is dumb simple and took a few minutes per cab. This is such a simple idea, but is executed to beautiful perfection! FrancoB even includes zip ties and wire clips in the bag so you can make a nice, clean install. The...
  6. mattsoft

    FS Mini "Classic" Systems

    Previous sale did not work out, so these are back up on the block! Up for sale are 3 "mini" or "classic" systems that seem to be all the rage these days. Bought these brand new some time ago and they have been sitting unused on a display shelf. Boxes are opened, but they are new inside. Boxes...
  7. mattsoft

    FastIO2KB? How about FastIO2XINPUT?

    Hey, thanks for making this! I have been wanting to put some PC games on my TTX multi with FAST IO setup and this made it super easy! I can now play Final Vendetta on my Vewlix. :) Thanks!
  8. mattsoft

    Virtua Fighter 3 oddities - test switch / backed up data

    Ran it outside of a cage with an ATX PSU. Voltages are at steady at +5 and +3.1 when running. Ya, guess I'll need to call Ken. :(
  9. mattsoft

    Virtua Fighter 3 oddities - test switch / backed up data

    Just took my previously working VF3 board out of storage to play and I have the same issue. those same 3 LEDs blink and I get garbled or sometimes a white screen. Test button doesn't work. Sadness. :(
  10. mattsoft

    SOLD PC arcade parts (TTX3 clone)

    SOLD! Hi all - I have some PC parts that when combined, make up a nice Taito Type X3 "clone" machine. What I'm selling as a combined lot: Intel dh77eb micro-ATX motherboard with Core i5-2400 CPU (w/cooler) and 8GB RAM -- this motherboard is a functional replacement to a TTX3 motherboard. It...
  11. mattsoft

    Hello - From JSN

    Welcome! I currently have our Blast set in tate for vertical shmups! It's a great cabinet for vertical shooters. If you have a Blast, post some sexy pics! ;)
  12. mattsoft

    FS Vewlix/NAC/Egret/Windy etc - Coin Reject Credit Button Kits

    Sweet! Just let us know when you need payment. Thanks again!!
  13. mattsoft

    FS GPU Cards

    this 1060 would be too big for the TTX3 case. also, I wouldn't spend time flashing the GPU for a TTX3, just flash the mainboard's BIOS and use any GPU you want.
  14. mattsoft

    FS GPU Cards

    Up for sale are 3 graphics cards: Retail MSI GeForce GTX 660 - this is the same GPU that's in a TTX3. $40 MSI GeForce GTX 660 pulled from a TTX3 - nice drop-in upgrade! $50 MSI GeForce GTX 1060 w/3GB memory. $70 All cards are tested good and come from gaming systems, not some crypto mining...
  15. mattsoft

    SOLD Arcade Parts (mostly Vewlix)

    no, I made the harness myself a couple of years ago.
  16. mattsoft

    SOLD Arcade Parts (mostly Vewlix)

    have you tried contacting lemony vengeance? he's a nice guy up here that makes all sorts of harnesses and might make one for ya.
  17. mattsoft

    SOLD Arcade Parts (mostly Vewlix)

    sorry! to be honest, it wasn't that hard to make them once you figure out the pinout!
  18. mattsoft

    SOLD Arcade Parts (mostly Vewlix)

    Hi all - this has all been sold! Dang that was fast!
  19. mattsoft

    SOLD Arcade Parts (mostly Vewlix)

    All sold! Cleaning out some stuff that is not getting used. Please let me know if you have any questions on this stuff. I took my best guess at prices based on other sales and availability; hopefully I'm not too far off. MiSTercade v1 board - picked this up used awhile ago to put in my Blast...
  20. mattsoft

    FS Vewlix/NAC/Egret/Windy etc - Coin Reject Credit Button Kits

    Well dang, plz put me down for 3 now then...1 for Vewlix, 1 for AC, and 1 for BC. Thanks!!