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    security cassette system 573

    a bit incorrect. for the game to install, it needs CD (original or dump), and install security cassette. later version (afair, from ddr5 up), install and game security cart have become one cart, and they used pic chip for that. for earlier version, the install cassette is different with game...
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    Outrun 2012

    they usually used SSD, and not protected. i don't know about the recent one (saw more variant copy of the game with different I/O bd).
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    Namco System22 Ram Error

    iirc the 4th board/video bd. cyber cycles tends to have the video bd broken.
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    (Tools) Arduino Mega Shield to asses Official Konami System 573 PCMCIA cards

    the project is done and it works to some extend. if you just have one broken card, there's nothing you can do about it. you need a donor card, which, i guess, if you don't have one, it's better buy a new and working one. the project useful, if you have multiple broken card, and you need to...
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    Recommendations of accurate ESR meter or Low-Resistance Meter

    having 28 ohm only takes less than 200mA, which i guess it is pretty normal.
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    Anyone have jumpers setting for Model 2A-CRX of Sky Target?

    just have a time to do the burning, and the game boot, i put a more clear jumper setting pict here for reference.
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    Anyone know if i can get SIL contact/lead frame from china?

    Something like these? they're used occasionally in monitor chassis and some pcb as an add on. the one i found is from digikey. but i am looking for cheap one from china, i.e. aliexpress? have tried but no luck, maybe different keyword. many thanks
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    Mirror of "SEGA Decrypted" files from jammarcade?

    searching it in google with "sega fd1094" showed some other sources.
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    Value of a Type 2 Gun Sensor

    sorry, i forgot to mention that it's for new one, not used one.
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    Value of a Type 2 Gun Sensor

    iirc around $200 or so.
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    OpenJVS - JVS Emulator

    Uhm... the sense pin connected to arduino as input. i don't quite remember, but when i omit the diode, the protocol refuse to work.
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    OpenJVS - JVS Emulator

    Here's my implementation of JVS sense line : It's working, but not being made for those game platform, might be useful.
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    clean up chihiro motherboard - a few questions

    instead of replacing the gpu fan, i took a bit "rough" approach. make a hole upside the heatsink position and put a real "beefy" fan on it.
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    Konami Viper (Thrill Drive 2)

    i don't think the large chip at the center of the board is gpu, but most of time, that chip is the culprit. in some cases, pressing that chip by finger while it's on, the game would boot, if not, it just showing that kind of random led behavior. there's must be something wrong when reflowing...
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    Cleaning up a Sega Type II Light Gun in House of Dead III

    Be very, very careful when cleaning these sensor array. There are very fine wire on each corner that you can't see by naked eye. Best practice would be not pulling out the inside enclosure (the small one), as it cover the wire from exposure, i guess.
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    Battle Gear 3 Tuned HDD

    What you did, that it changed from "rack error" to "handle error"? i am facing same problem here. I test them in the cab and have checked all cables. Anybody can help with known good hdd dump? Thank you
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    ATAPI/IDE ODE Testing

    pcb setup is common.
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    Sega Flash Beats Restoration

    +1 with vacuform. vacuum forming is one of skill that i've been looking to do.
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    ATAPI/IDE ODE Testing

    any chance we get more detailed information here :D
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    ATAPI/IDE ODE Testing

    There's a list here. See the column for CD based.