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  1. aoiddr

    Modifying a 92631C-6 (Battery-less B-21 C-Board) to work like a 90631C-5 (Battery Backed B-21 C-Board)

    Apologies for the bump, but I wanted to ask if this 92631C-6 mod had been confirmed to work with the CPS1 Multi? Also, would it be possible to get a screenshot of what the final mod looks like? Thanks in advance!
  2. aoiddr

    FS Stereo + Kick Harness Add-on Boards (Everten)

    Awesome. Saw the email notifications and ordered two of the boards I'd been looking to get. Thanks, Everten.
  3. aoiddr

    OpenJVS - JVS Emulator

    Submitted my response. Thanks.
  4. aoiddr

    3D printed Uo Poko cat paw balltop cover recreations?

    Ah, interesting. Looking forward to seeing what comes about!
  5. aoiddr

    3D printed Uo Poko cat paw balltop cover recreations?

    I've seen 3D printed recreations of the Monkey Ball banana joystick cover, but has anyone ever created 3D printer files of the Uo Poko's cat paw balltop covers? Here's what the actual ones look like...
  6. aoiddr

    MV1B audio help, left channel lower volume

    Cool, I'll definitely give that a try. Thanks!
  7. aoiddr

    MV1B audio help, left channel lower volume

    rcboosted, I was planning to install one of these stereo kits. I was curious how you hooked your Right and Left cables to your speakers. Did you run it to a 2.5mm stereo plug? If so, where did you pull a ground from?
  8. aoiddr

    Sega JVS I/O - identifying/replacing a dead 14-pin IC

    I was hooking up one of my Sega JVS I/O Type 1 (837-13551-92) boards to a new power supply and made the mistake of trusting a wiring harness...and ended up swapping the 12V and 5v lines and that cooked IC8S on the bottom of the board. Anyone happen to know of a replacement chip I can swap this...
  9. aoiddr

    OpenJVS - JVS Emulator

    Would the basic "Raspberry Pi 4 2GB" model be the right model for this OpenJVS Hat kit or would it need more ram? Any new updates on the progress of this project you can share?
  10. aoiddr

    FS Vewlix or (Uni Blast Backlit/Translit) Marquee art set (UPDATED 22-MAY-2023) ~ SF6 Type Arcade

    I would be interested in a Puyo Puyo Fever (or Puyo Pop Fever) marque/strip set for a Sega Net City style cab, if that's ever in the cards.
  11. aoiddr

    WTB [deleted]

    [Disregard. Please delete this post. Thanks.]
  12. aoiddr

    Speaker replacement options for Sega Net City cab?

    Cool. I'll give these a shot. Thanks!
  13. aoiddr

    Speaker replacement options for Sega Net City cab?

    I'd like to replace the stock speakers in a Sega Net City cab. I know "Pioneer ds-d1002r" speakers are mentioned in a few places online, but those are over 10 years old and not easy to source now. So, I wanted to see if anyone had any recommendations for current drop in replacements that would...
  14. aoiddr

    DARKSOFT Multi JVS v1.0

    Got my Multi JVS installed into a Sega Net City (so swapped out a SEGA JVS I/O Type 1 for this). Aside from not having that extra USB port like the SEGA I/O boards have (I'm guessing for linking games?) and the two far right screw holes not being in the same spot as the Sega I/O, it's basically...
  15. aoiddr

    DARKSOFT Games Fixed to work with DIMM

    Did anyone ever manage to get Puyo Puyo Fever's English version to work? I tried it again yesterday and am still getting a black screen when I try to load the English version, but that regular Japanese one works fine. [Edit: The "puyo_pop_fever-[GDS-0034]" file found elsewhere on the net is...
  16. aoiddr

    Help identifying JVS connectors

    Thanks, nem. I'd been trying to find it based on that wiki, but was definitely off. Glad I asked.
  17. aoiddr

    Help identifying JVS connectors

    Does anyone happen to know what the small female connector is that is coming out of a Sun Power Supply? I'm looking to make a y-splitter, but am having a hard time finding the exact TE AMP female connector, male connector, and pins I would need. Picture attached below. Thanks in advance for...
  18. aoiddr

    How to Net-boot NAOMI/Tri-Force/Chihiro Using Pi-Force Tools

    Cool. I changed the 3 spots in and also 1 spot in where this line of code was found and that got the LCD to work properly. Thanks!