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  1. thegreathopper

    CPS3 - Missing blue color repair log

  2. thegreathopper

    Namco Noir advice

    Some of the Noirs come with a transformer that has has a tapping for 240/100, not mine though.
  3. thegreathopper

    Resolved - YourPalCeej

    So you still haven’t received your panel? That sucks ass man - I would want a refund now!
  4. thegreathopper

    Namco Noir advice

    I bought them for a recording studio project and we went with a different set up in the end.
  5. thegreathopper

    Namco Noir advice

    I run my Noir on a 130 watt transformer with no issues, but my monitor is swapped out for a modern 20 Watt LCD, My CRT has a 100 watt transformer with no problems, I like my transformers small.
  6. thegreathopper

    Reverse engineering 161 in 1 cartridge to change Rom games

    If these come up for sale they will sell stacks, great work Vortex.
  7. thegreathopper

    Namco Noir advice

    500w should be fine, if you want a 15000 watt Airlink I can do mine for half price.
  8. thegreathopper

    Second CPS3 PPU pins repairs.

    Excellent work, well done 👍
  9. thegreathopper

    Namco Noir advice

    Yes Good point, and these 768 res screens still have a great picture.
  10. thegreathopper

    Namco Noir advice

    The red ones are VGA and DVI, blue to I think. The metallic red ones may be HDMI, they are newer. My red one came with the original monitor which was back lit with fluorescent tubes, although the image was pretty good I swapped out for a modern cheap HDMI screen. in my limited experience...
  11. thegreathopper

    Makivision M2929D4-TS Question

    Wow and what a great picture!
  12. thegreathopper

    FS Capcom CPS1 for sale

    That would be a bargain, I would take If still available.
  13. thegreathopper

    Audio over RCAs not working

    Could be dirty sockets or phono sockets have dry joint to the cob. I would try metering out the connection from your cable - the CPS3 board. Could be dirty
  14. thegreathopper

    Kick harness

    Aren’t 2 of the buttons volume up and down for CPS2.
  15. thegreathopper

    Namco Noir advice

    Alberto makes them, I managed to get a new one from Wen at HKlegend but it may of been her last one.
  16. thegreathopper

    Positive feedback for sheep_nova

    Sheep is a great guy.
  17. thegreathopper


    Wow 🤩 is that still on original battery, that’s nearly 30 years old. I bought a shadow over mystara last week with the aluminium seal and original battery all good, but now swapped out with a new battery. Great condition, good luck with your sale.
  18. thegreathopper

    Help with Neo Geo MV25UP-0

    Haha 2 step downs that will do it, no wonder your volts are low.