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  1. hoagtech

    SOLD Nanao MS8-26sg monitor chassis

    I may have an extra, but I wont know for a month until I disassemble my other three Aero's
  2. hoagtech

    Help identifying Wells Gardner Chassis'ss's

    Hi I got a Simpsons cab a couple days ago And the color red is missing from the monitor. I am happy to fix it but in the mean time. I thought it would be a good time for to test my hoard of 25" arcade monitors. One of them had great colors but was really dim. I am trying to source...
  3. hoagtech

    FS Game Saru cab imports - NO specialty requests until 2025 (updated 9/25/2023)

    You've had a tough year Cereth. I hope you eat a delicious steak or something or something that makes you feel comfortable and happy. Thanks for helping us out too
  4. hoagtech

    Positive feedback for nork69!

    Got a Gradius 2 X6800 CIB from him. Careful and fast shipping. Great seller
  5. hoagtech

    FS Game Saru cab imports - NO specialty requests until 2025 (updated 9/25/2023)

    Sorry to hear that man. I hope your trip is powerful
  6. hoagtech

    FS High Quality Convergence Strips for your Tubes

    Put me down for a 20 pack Si vous plez
  7. hoagtech

    Sigma Fantasia Restore

    I want to see your machine and know more about it lol. That sounds like a relevant service around here
  8. hoagtech

    Sigma Fantasia Restore

    Well thanks. That's very kind of you. I ended up using their color match service. They have me ship them a piece of the machine, color match and send me the powder SKU. The whole service including shipping costs about 30 bucks. Hopefully this helps other color candy owners. Fingers crossed
  9. hoagtech

    Sigma Fantasia Restore

    I might take that route if your accepting a piece of my metal. Im not sure if Prismatic Powders can locate color based on code. They don't have a color finder on their website and their offices are closed till Monday. Ill call in and see if they have a color match process after the weekend...
  10. hoagtech

    Sigma Fantasia Restore

    I do. I have a whole other cabinet. I dropped off a sample but the PC left it up to me. What did you have in mind?
  11. hoagtech

    Sigma Fantasia Restore

    Thanks. Im gonna nail this one though. Most people don't get $800 retries. I won’t take it for granted. White cabs are so much easier!
  12. hoagtech

    Sigma Fantasia Restore

    Its been awhile since I posted. I had an issue with the powder coating color. I was going for a "chocolate chip mint" but it turned out more like a Bluish green. The Powder coater agreed to recoat the entire cab for free, but asked that I decide the color for the cab. He uses Prismatic...
  13. hoagtech

    SOLD Black and Green Twin Famicom - head clean new belt + NESRGB Modded price dropped!

    OMG! Thats a fantastic price too. I would be all over it if I didn't already have three ways to play Someone buy this!
  14. hoagtech

    FS FS : X68000 games

    Come to papa Gradius 2.. Pm sent
  15. hoagtech

    Positive feedback for djturbolence

    HE asked all the right questions and was a pleasure to communicate and work with. He paid quickly as well. I love it when a good buyer buys from me. I'd be happy to sell to him again in the future
  16. hoagtech

    Negative feedback seller qushuang buyer beware

    Get him @Kidkaos . I cant stand people who don’t stand behind their crappy shipping materials. I had a few bad experiences personally. Pay for your postage and padding GD!
  17. hoagtech

    Project hoarder from California

    Welcome. Your intro was brutally honest and relatable to “a freind”
  18. hoagtech

    Thinking about picking up a gutted Lost World. Info wanted

    Whats the horizontal 4:3 screen size in 16:9 tate? If you can rotate your image and scale, you could install the panel vertically. On my 83” its about 54”. Id love to know the math of calculating that.
  19. hoagtech

    Thinking about picking up a gutted Lost World. Info wanted

    Interesting. Do what size the original RP monitor was? Im wondering if this could be a good candidate for my MAK 38”