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    FS [FS] Espgaluda II PCB

    Serious PM sent for Batsugun! I will Take it!
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    SOLD Sexy Parodius (JPN) - $425 Shipped

    WTF. For your information I did not send that comment at all. I find what you said to me very rude and disrespectful. This individual should be reported for his unprofessional behaviour. Please look into this post @brizzo @twistedsymphony @Darksoft @Mitsurugi-w @hursit.
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    FS edit: PCBs for sale: Crime fighters left

    Pm sent Combatribes, Growl and Superman
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    SOLD FS Raizing Bat rider (HK)

    Oh man Batsugun gone! If anyone else is willing to sell theirs I will buy it off them for real. Send me a Pm.
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    WTB Toshiba Tube for MS-9 29s (Original Astro City)

    You could also source some consumer tv’s on FB marketplace that are 27 inch and use the existing yoke and chassis from the original tube and swap it over. That should work.
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    Namco Noir Teardown/Assembly Pics and Instructions

    This is amazing information. Thank you for all the hard work you put into this.
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    FS Taito Egret 3

    Pm sent
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    WTB Looking to purchase a spare Nanao MS8-25FAR Chassis

    Thanks man! The spare chassis is a Nanao Ms9 and I don’t belive that would be compatible with the cab. I will definitely use it as a spare for another cab if I need to.
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    WTB Looking to purchase a spare Nanao MS8-25FAR Chassis

    The wait is finally over man. I sure did:)
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    WTB Looking to purchase a spare Nanao MS8-25FAR Chassis

    Hello Everyone, If anyone has a spare working Nanao MS8-25FAR chassis for sale please send me a PM. I will purchase this off you. Paypal F and F or Goods and Services. Thanks Dekken
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    SOLD [MA] Capcom Grand Am Q25

    Haha I live in Canada man! That would take forever. Serious PM sent.
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    SOLD Lot of 5 taito type X2 ttx2 units (working)

    That would be great but unfortunately OP states pickup only. Road trip haha