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  1. pandafresh

    FS Zombie Revenge for Sega NAOMI (Price Drop)

    really good price, if I didn't buy a copy a few months ago I would've jumped on this. good luck with sale
  2. pandafresh

    Positive Feedback for Joko3

    Can't recommend Joko enough, helped me with an auction other proxy services weren't able to and then the items were shipped in an incredibly safe manner that ended up saving me money too. 100% the way to go if you need to purchase arcade & gaming stuff from Japan.
  3. pandafresh

    Hyper NG64 (FF Wild Ambition & Buriki One) boot up issue

    Thats a great question and unfortunately I'm unsure. I'm just going off some old info I've read about the Hyper 64 in places like here, but if the Samurai Shodown games are working while FF and B1 aren't, it seems to fit the description of the Korean board. Have you tried Samurai Shodown...
  4. pandafresh

    WTB Naomi games

    They're listed as originals but I guess its a gamble lol. It looks like GGX and DOA2 Millennium are listed on Tops JP, and CvS Pro as well but that's a GD-Rom, not a cartridge (not sure it makes a difference to you)
  5. pandafresh

    WTB Naomi games

    Guilty Gear X is up on AliExpress along with the vanilla versions of DOA2 and CvS.
  6. pandafresh

    Small, roughly 3:4 scale LCD cabinet

    I guess it would depend on the quality of the screen and controls for me (and the price too obviously). modern cabs don't quite have the charm of older candy cabs and while the form factor is still interesting, in a home setting I dunno if its different enough from just having a gaming monitor...
  7. pandafresh

    Hyper NG64 (FF Wild Ambition & Buriki One) boot up issue

    Hi, I know this thread is old but I found it while trolling google looking for a copy of Buriki One. Were you able to solve this issue? There's apparently 1 version of HNG64 (out of 4) known as the Korean version that ONLY plays the two Samurai Shodown games, so I wonder if that is your issue.
  8. pandafresh

    WTB Parasite Eve PSX

    it seems pretty common on eBay, auctions seem to be hovering between $50-60ish.
  9. pandafresh

    The journey begins: the restoration of 6 Astro City and 3 New Astro!!

    wow, they look great even in this condition! are these for a private collection or do you guys have a location you will put them in once completed?
  10. pandafresh

    FS CPS2 and Hyper Neo64

    I'm interested in the Hyper Neo64
  11. pandafresh

    ATOMISWAVE, the story of Romeo and Juliet

    I'm also new to the board and arcade/boards too! I also think a multicart for atomiswave would be cool.