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  1. wigsplitta

    FOUND Tatsunoko vs Capcom PCB

    And they will definitley enjoy it, a great and crazy game. I need to revisit this and try again to find someone wityh the skills who might be able to unlock some of the secret codes that can be input from the test menu... Any volunteers? I'd be happy to lend my board if needed and also pay a...
  2. wigsplitta

    Why haven't you Pre-Ordered a Capcom Spinner yet?

    That is such great news. I was worried this project wasn’t going to not get completed. I’ll definitely be getting one or two once they’re released :thumbsup: Would I be correct in thinking the board will work with OG Taito and other spinners too? If so, I suspect they will be very popular.
  3. wigsplitta

    FS High Quality Convergence Strips for your Tubes

    +1 I’d love a pack of 20. If shipping is pricey, I would happily go in with other people from the UK to combine multiple orders into one.
  4. wigsplitta

    FS Vewlix Universal Monitor Mount

    Kit arrived safe and sound. Thank you very much @FrancoB for future proofing my Vewlix :thumbup:
  5. wigsplitta

    Request for Vewlix C 2P16B panel

    Alberto does them, and they are really nice. You won't be disappointed! :thumbup:
  6. wigsplitta

    FS FT: E2 for a Cute anyone?

    Start of 2020 was when I got it, so a fair old while ago now
  7. wigsplitta

    FS FT: E2 for a Cute anyone?

    My Vewlix(es) came from Ronnie. Currently in my office, so I really need to get at least one of them out of there at some point!
  8. wigsplitta

    FS FT: E2 for a Cute anyone?

    It's the only way I can get another cab into my house! E2 would be replaced by a Vewlix, then I could sneak the Cute into the front room :D
  9. wigsplitta

    Egret II - Illumination Panel Re-Production Interest Check

    Aye. Never had these two next to each other, but pictured in the same corner of the same room, same lighting and it's pretty easy to see the difference!
  10. wigsplitta

    FS FT: E2 for a Cute anyone?

    Bumpety bump 8)
  11. wigsplitta

    An improved JVS-PAC (JVS-PAC 2)

    They lie :P I got done twice with an after delivery charge. You could ignore if it’s to your home, but mine got attached to my work account so I had to pay up X/
  12. wigsplitta

    Irken (MiSTer) JAMMA Expander

    I think i've got a spare Tri Sync helper ver1 if it'll help you @NFGx Let me try and dig it out
  13. wigsplitta

    Vewlix stock monitor - IPS replacement (Vewlix L)

    Awesome work as always @FrancoB :thumbup: Thanks for letting me have a test with one of these. As you've shown, it fitted nicely into both my cabs that had different original monitors and was easy to assemble. No modification to cab or brackets required, very much plug 'n' play which I what I...
  14. wigsplitta

    [FS] RECO PCB - JAMMA button remapping & rapid-fire device

    I could be persuaded! ;) Pinging you now
  15. wigsplitta

    FOUND CPS3 128mb SIMMS
  16. wigsplitta

    Taito Vewlix Control Panel Support / Display Brackets

    Cheers for creating the support/display bracket. I love my original Cocktail CP, but the angle and lack of (2) buttons made some games I wanted to play very awkawrd, or impossible. I decided to see if I could use your design as an actual useable CP mount. Cut a REPRO Vewlix panel in half that...
  17. wigsplitta

    WTB Ultracade UVC or advice on similar downscaler

    There’s one here:
  18. wigsplitta

    C-Boards reproduction!!

    Free bump! Received mine safe and sound the other day, thank you very much :thumbsup:
  19. wigsplitta

    Jasen’s Customs: CPS1 Multi Case Thread

    It's a standard 20mm Sanwa 24mm start button, and it's the screw in type to make sure it fits nicely. I've not yet decided what to do with it (along with the two 10mm buttons above!) but it'll probably be for coin up or test , and i'll solder a couple of wires from the buttons over to the JAMMA...
  20. wigsplitta

    Universal monitor bracket for Vewlix

    I’ve got one of the hadouken brackets, and it has a nice little opening to allow for adjustment on stuff like the LG monitors. It’s properly like tweaking a crt cab flyback though - one needs arms like an orangutan. How often have I had to adjust? Maybe one or twice in the past year. Would...