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  1. Neo.raizo

    FS Arcade PCBs - Simpsons/NBA Jam/Final Fight/Raiden Fighters Jet/etc.

    Seriously interested in buying MK board and after long waiting and PM, the card is finally sold to another member… not very loyal !
  2. Neo.raizo

    Positive feed back for Caius

    I wish to thank Caius for the work on replacement parts. I ordered audio replacement parts for Raiden I & II and very happy with these parts. I wish to thank Caius too for the advice, knowledge to fix boards and for his disponibility and kindness ! Someone really trustworthy…. But is it still...
  3. Neo.raizo

    APOCALYPSE Sega System 18 Official Sales and Wait List

    I live in France and on the list… I’m interested in one unit.
  4. Neo.raizo

    APOCALYPSE Sega System 18 Official Sales and Wait List

    Please add me to the list and ready to answer.
  5. Neo.raizo

    DARKSOFT New Namco System 1 Multi

    It’s noted. Thanks.
  6. Neo.raizo

    DARKSOFT New Namco System 1 Multi

    @Darksoft @Mitsurugi-w I probably missed message but is the new multipack 2023-03-27 for this multi a patch for the shadow Pacmania issue ? Write the file user1_swapped_merged.bin in place of the older one is the solution ? Thank you.
  7. Neo.raizo

    DARKSOFT New Namco System 1 Multi

    I don't think, I didn't understand anything ! :P
  8. Neo.raizo

    DARKSOFT New Namco System 1 Multi

    Here is a Google traduction of the page : Introduction Ever since I made the control box for the paddle, I wanted to challenge myself to make a sub-board so that I could play Namco's Block Breaker "Quester". This time, I created a harness with a function equivalent to a sub-board, so I will...
  9. Neo.raizo

    DARKSOFT New Namco System 1 Multi

    Thank you @andynumbers. I try to contact him.
  10. Neo.raizo

    Drift Out to Cameltry ?

    After taking a look at the MAME driver, it seems to be rather complicated even with another board.
  11. Neo.raizo

    Irem M92 Multi Game Support

    I'm interested in one or another.
  12. Neo.raizo

    Drift Out to Cameltry ?

    I wonder if it was possible to convert Drift Out to Cameltry ? Did someone done this ?
  13. Neo.raizo

    Using spinner to play NG/JAMMA games

    I would like to order one, please.
  14. Neo.raizo

    EPROM & TL86 Plus Burning Service List

    I burnt some chips for my own conversions and multis with a Wellon VP598. I could help in France if you provide the chip and rom file. I place order too from BuyICnow with success and pleasure for chips and burning service and very happy with it !
  15. Neo.raizo

    Merry Xmas everyone!!!

    Merry Christmas to everyone. This is the place to be to share informations and increase knowledge in the arcade world. So thank you everyone !
  16. Neo.raizo

    Irem M92 Major Title 2 to In the Hunt Conversion HALP

    Very nice work ! I tried this conversion from Major Title 2 and after some mistakes I finally succeeded and I wish to share my experience if it can help. I used the roms from In the Hunt (World) and the following : - 2x M27C512 (for SH0, SL0) - to patch to decrypt the sound roms - 4x M27C801...
  17. Neo.raizo

    Irem M92 Conversion Log: Major Title 2->R-Type Leo

    Very helpful to succeed the In the Hunt conversion from Major Title 2. Thank you.
  18. Neo.raizo

    Yet another game selector - LCD selector familiar from the ST-V multi works now with S16 and C2 (and Irem M72)

    I received today screen selectors from stt1 for Sega System 16B and Irem M72, installed then tested. It's very nice to select games with these screen selectors like the one for Sega ST-V, I've had enough to use dipswitches. Thank you stt1 for you help, your communication and for the clear...