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    Good Morning! 👋

    Welcome! Nice collection.
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    Advanced Cleaning Tips for Inside of Blast City

    I'm getting ready to wrap this up, just wanted to check in to see if anyone had any other suggestions before I start to reassemble. I ended up stripping the front down completely last fall and did a few rounds of krud kutter and the hose. I've probably done 20-30 rounds of Mean Green towel...
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    Blast City Bottom Panel Rust Removal

    Finally wrapping this up. I gave it a coat of the satin brick and it's a great match. It's a little glossier than the original, but the color's pretty spot on. I used the angle grinder on the other big spots, then painted them too. Looks better in person, huge improvement. Powder...
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    Unlock all characters in Tekken 3 or Tekken Tag Tournament

    Anyone know of a way to unlock all characters in either of these games without leaving the boards powered on for 2000 hours? Thanks!
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    JNX Namco System 11/12 Kick Harness Adapter

    Don't see any one your eBay store, interested in picking up a few of these if there's a future run.
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    Hello from eastern Mass

    Welcome! Nice collection.
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    WTB [WTB] Hyper Neo Geo 64 Motherboard

    Bump, still looking.
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    WTB Vewlix plastic, control panel surround and 2p cp

    Alberto makes great repro control panels:
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    Resolved - YourPalCeej

    Glad to hear it worked out.
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    Positive Feedback for Mugicha

    I picked up a PCB from @Mugicha too. Packed well, arrived quickly, even included a bonus keychain. Thanks!
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    Blast City / Astro City / Astro City 2 - First Time Restorations

    The only real way to tell whether the cart is legit is to open it up and compare the boards to the legit ones on MVS Scans: Just be careful not to crease the label too much by opening it like a book.
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    Resolved - YourPalCeej

    I had a similar but ultimately positive experience when I bought an MVS cart from him back in spring '22. I started the conversation through PMs here on March 15, 2022. He sent pics on the 16th but couldn't get back to the warehouse for a week while the owner was out. I pinged to check in on...
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    Greetings from Massachusetts

    Welcome back!
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    Hello from Pennsylvania

    Welcome! What are you running in your Vewlix?
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    Positive feedback for friedpotatoz

    I picked up a board from @friedpotatoz . He went above and beyond to answer my questions. Shipped fast and packed well. Haven't had a chance to test it yet, but it looks great. Seems like a great guy. Thank you!
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    Positive Feedback for Psyko-M1

    I picked up a board from @Psyko-M1. He had it shipped half an hour after I paid, it arrived super fast in the described condition. Thank you!
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    Blast City Speaker Replacement

    Has anyone replaced the brackets that attach the speaker boxes to the frame with something that doesn't require splitting the cab?
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    Uncertainty about role of regionality with the CPS2, with or without the Multi

    1) Right, color corresponds to the region. But they're not unique. USA and European B boards are both blue. The region is determined by some of the ROM chips in the B board. They'll be labeled with something like SZ2U for a USA Street Fighter Alpha 2...