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  1. Harrier

    FS Neo Geo MVS motherboards/games and Misc

    Bump. Some prices dropped.
  2. Harrier

    FS Neo Geo MVS motherboards/games and Misc

    Selling off some spare boards/stuff from my collection that aren't being used enough to raise some extra funds... y'all know the drill. All items tested/working. PM with inquiries or for additional pics. Payment via PayPal FF. International and HI/AK shipping may be more, ask for a quote...
  3. Harrier

    SOLD Lot of 5 taito type X2 ttx2 units (working)

    I would take one of these with a multi drive as well and chip in for any travel expenses if it were to happen!
  4. Harrier

    Positive feedback for Harrier

    You're very welcome! Enjoy :thumbup:
  5. Harrier

    FS Virtual Pinball Widebody

    I figured it might be situation like that. Even a non-working IJPA would be insane to gut on purpose.
  6. Harrier

    FS Virtual Pinball Widebody

    Sounds like a solid setup for sure- Huge Virtual/Visual Pinball fan here. I'd be in for pics to drool over at the very least :D
  7. Harrier

    Positive feedback for kikaso

    Got a CPS3 setup from @kikaso with Darksoft cart and ultra simms. Everything was meticulously packed and it arrived quickly and safely. I greatly appreciate this awesome deal with an outstanding community member- Highly recommended and thanks again to kikaso and AP fam.
  8. Harrier

    FS MVS, CPS1, Capcom & Sega I/O & more!

    PM sent regarding CPS3.
  9. Harrier

    CPS1 Multi. Official Thread

    This is the kind of feedback we need... still sucks but thanks for mentioning it. Editing this to add that I just confirmed wrong sounds being played on my stock dash A board and Hyper Fighting World Ver. (921209) during attract mode.
  10. Harrier

    CPS1 Multi. Official Thread

    Your setup should work correctly since Hyper Fighting runs on 12Mhz. I'm curious if anyone else has had issues on a bone stock dash A board and verified 12Mhz games. I will try to test this combo when I get a chance. There are so many possible configurations and angles to troubleshoot...
  11. Harrier

    CPS1 Multi. Official Thread

    It didn't even hit me until after I posted about the crystal speed difference- this definitely could cause issues. I was hoping my dash board would be a one size fits all, but a verified crystal speed switch (or similar solution) will probably be in my future for this reason. The issues reported...
  12. Harrier

    CPS1 Multi. Official Thread

    Confirmed issues with Magic Sword (World 900725) Dash A Board 12Mhz. The sound error is random in its timing unfortunately.
  13. Harrier

    CPS1 Multi. Official Thread

    I've had it happen on Magic Sword most recently and I think Final Fight as well. In Magic Sword (at least 2 different rom sets) I've heard it sound glitch mid game and also during attract mode w/ sound.
  14. Harrier

    CPS1 Multi. Official Thread

    I'll chime in here as well about the random samples being played at the wrong time on the cps1 multi. It happens often enough that it's starting to concern me. Does anyone know enough about the setup to determine if this is a multi problem or more of a donor board failure?
  15. Harrier

    SOLD Vewlix Diamond Blue w/Upgraded monitor and adjustable Taito bench!

    I look at this thread and curse my east coast address with extra woes of tight space and budget- Three strikes and I'm out but the temptation is real...
  16. Harrier

    WTB Fast Striker Neo Geo MVS Gamecenter kit

    This was the original version sold that had coin operated support.
  17. Harrier

    Super Monaco GP Airdrive

    We had many versions of those here on the east coast of the US (specifically New Jersey boardwalks for me). The only time I've seen or played the sit-down Galaxy Force 2 was there. Those memories definitely stick with us and we try to keep them alive when we can. I have a Space Harrier upright...
  18. Harrier

    Super Monaco GP Airdrive

    I've been following your journey with interest since these sega machines were some of my favs. Never had the experience of the sit-down on SMGP- only played the upright maybe once or twice. Air drive with 86 Out Run would have been nuts! I love seeing this cab brought back to life.
  19. Harrier

    Merry Xmas everyone!!!

    Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone! Thank you AP fam for being such a welcoming and helpful community. My participation in this hobby has been enhanced greatly by the members and knowledge here (including my new found multi-love!) and I look forward to what the new year brings!
  20. Harrier

    Request for Axunworks to reach back to customers

    I had an order come in recently for a CBOX, Jamma adapter and cables that was placed end of March this year. All the gear is working perfectly and the build is top-notch. The wait was definitely long but at the end I was not disappointed.