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  1. dennisfxm

    Atomiswave Multi

    There's no proper waiting list. Watch the thread on neo-arcadia, follow aje_fr on twitter and wait until some kind of sale is announced (and hope they ship outside of France :D)...
  2. dennisfxm

    MiSTer FPGA

    By check the grounds, I mean check the physical connectors/wiring. Make sure everything is connected nice and snug.
  3. dennisfxm

    MiSTer FPGA

    The first thing I would do is check the wiring, especially the grounds. Use a multimeter with Mistercade off to test the continuity. If it beeps while the mistercade is off, you can rule out the Mistercade as being the issue. It's possible something came a little loose when you switched out the...
  4. dennisfxm

    FS The Outfoxies Namco original

    No issues in MAME on my end
  5. dennisfxm

    Corrosion/rust on kof98 prog board

    Should I be worried about the rust on these pins on the chip at V4 of the prog board on kof98? The prog board is progsf1. If so, how do I clean it up, or does something have to be resoldered? Any idea what might happen if this gets worse? Would the game stop working, would all the voice...
  6. dennisfxm

    All-in-One / Shared / Multi-Purpose Cabinet

    With a JVS cab, you can get a JVS-PAC2 to connect a PC, a jammafier for jamma games (both from irkenlabs on this board). From there, it looks like you can get some kind of ps3 to jamma converter. No idea how well these things work though.
  7. dennisfxm

    CPS2 Shells

    Just in my experience - I've seen a bunch of bare boards on Ali Express, and while I haven't gone looking specifically for empty shells, I rarely find any when looking for general CPS2 stuff. I think this makes sense - shells are just plastic and tend to crack. If you're playing the games, it...
  8. dennisfxm

    New game Xevious!

    Are there any other vertical games on NG? Official or otherwise?
  9. dennisfxm

    First cab project

    Yeah, the Nintendo PC10 super de luxe side art and CP art are classics. they really warp you back to a very specific point in time :) The cab itself seems to be in good condition, regardless of age. It should clean up real nice!
  10. dennisfxm

    WTB SHMUPs Please (CPS2)

    FWIW, I see a few copies of Dimahoo, a pro gear conversion and mars matrix on ebay.
  11. dennisfxm

    Mounting a wolf unit board vertically in a smaller cab

    Hey, the Royal Rumble is over and so it's Wrestlemania season. That means I want to switch out WWF Wrestlefest and switch in WWF Wrestlemania. BUT I'm running into an issue - my Wolf Unit has these plastic tabs in the mounting holes, so I can't use regular PCB feet. The board is also kinda big -...
  12. dennisfxm

    MiSTer FPGA

    Jotego is analyzing the CPS3. I'm waiting with bated breath for a mister core, but the fact that this guy even thinks this won't be a complete waste of time is exciting. I was in Japan a few weeks ago playing Third Strike and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and it was a ton of fun...
  13. dennisfxm

    MiSTer FPGA

    If you're worried about prices, I think one thing to consider is that DE10s aren't getting any cheaper. These things are better than other cheaper options by far, like single game pirated boards or pandora's box, etc. If you are interested in more than two CPS games, Mister be cheaper than real...
  14. dennisfxm

    MiSTer FPGA

    Mister is an open platform. Anyone can make a core for it. As such, you're unlikely to find a complete list of every core that works for it. Your best bet is to poke around the documentation for the update all script to see what gets updates easily...
  15. dennisfxm

    Why is SF Zero 3 upper has bad reputation?

    As someone who can't do the game breaking stuff, I agree. I always say it like this: Alpha 3 is the more fun game (at a casual level), but I recognize that Alpha 2 is a more well rounded game overall.
  16. dennisfxm

    Arcade Cabinet Kit With CRT Support?

    Not necessarily. If you buy a working JAMMA machine, then you have two games for it and can switch them in/out when you feel like playing another game. That's normal, and not really taking away a game from someone (assuming you're going to play it). You can also sell the game that came with the...
  17. dennisfxm

    Cbox MVS supergun + ossc HDMI + cave PCB issues.

    I had a similar issue getting wolf unit games working with a GBS going to an LCD. It just worked going from supergun to the TV over composite, but it gave me issues going through the scaler. I think this makes sense as the SuperGun probably converts the image totally while the OSSC just scales...
  18. dennisfxm

    Been a few months since we had a "leaky battery" repair thread

    Do you think there's damage from a leaked battery? If not, it might just be a poor connection between A board and B board. I have a MSH vs SF like that where I really gotta make sure A and B board are connected or I get glitches in some sprites. You can always try taking the boards out of the...
  19. dennisfxm

    ATOMISWAVE, the story of Romeo and Juliet

    There's a CPS3 multi, right? :) Between Metal Slug, the SNK fighters, the ASW fighters and a few games that weren't officially ported anywhere else (Dolphin Blue and I think Rumble Fish), this is definitely a great and unique catalog, plus some games are creeping up in price and it's hard to...
  20. dennisfxm

    Pre-Order For Mini Cute Production

    Hopefully, the monitors you see on the arcade websites will have the mounting holes well documented and you can line everything up to see if it fits before you buy. I had a 19" 4:3 LCD computer monitor laying around. It fit "good enough" just sitting in there on its stand. For extra credit, I...