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    FS FS: Sega 16B w/multi and selector. $500

    Someone pmed me right before you. In discussion now. will let you know @atrac17
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    FS FS: Sega 16B w/multi and selector. $500

    Great condition Tetris board with the multi board installed. and a selector from STT1. Also including the jamma adaptor board.a $500 plus shipping costs. If using PayPal please include fees. BTW. the multi selector works fine. I had something plugged incorrectly.
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    FS Paying it forward, free arcade cabinet in Washington DC

    Jasen is a stand up guy who has always been focused on high quality work and products for the community.
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    FS FS: Shinobi ($210) [SOLD]

    Final price drop bump for Shinobi
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    FS FS: Shinobi ($210) [SOLD]

    price drop bump
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    FS FS: Steel Jasenscustoms Panzer arcade sticks

    white is sold. black is available.
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    FS FS: Steel Jasenscustoms Panzer arcade sticks

    I'll include the cables as well :) thanks man
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    FS FS: Steel Jasenscustoms Panzer arcade sticks

    price drop :) These are extremely well made. great to connect to a supergun.
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    FS FS: Steel Jasenscustoms Panzer arcade sticks

    These are very heavy duty steel. I think it's 14 gauage steel. They are powder coated. They have removeable feet. Both have DB15 serial connections and one has USB as well. You should be able to add a brook board and use the neutrik to make the black one USB. Black one - smooth black powder...
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    FS FS: Shinobi ($210) [SOLD]

    [SOLD]Shinobi - tested and confirmed working, original. Not jamma and adapter is not included. $210 [Sold] Super Street Fighter 2 X: Grand Master Challenge aka Super Turbo - original japanese b and usa a board. Infinikey is...
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    FS Gun Hokhi Irem M92 pcb (price drop) shipping included (SOLD)

    Every M92 board I've ever seen looks so good. They seem to be in such good shape. I know this is an assumption but did IREM just use some higher quality production method?
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    FS JVS IO Encoder Board 837-13938 $40 shipped.

    $40 shipped in continental US. untested. I have no way of testing. sorry. thanks.
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    Sega Aero & Goldfish Catcher ATM

    Wow great prices! When I asked a few years back at an auto shop, they quoted me over 1K for my Impress. I just reassembled it and it's been like that since.
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    FS Decided to Keep It 🙌🏽

    You can do it Dan! I believe in you! It's just a small little cab. It won't take up too much space!
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    WTB Egret 29 Speaker top bezel

    IF anyone has leads on one of these, I'm interested in acquiring one for my E29.
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    Taito Egret 29 Restoration

    thanks @twistedsymphony for all the inspiring work! I now begin my journey down this path!
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    In progress: egret 29 cleanup

    Elbow grease results