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  1. ekorz

    MITSU Wait List: Batman Forever sound pcb repro

    In for one!
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    Hello from eastern Mass

    Welcome fellow New Englander!
  3. ekorz

    Reverse engineering 161 in 1 cartridge to change Rom games
  4. ekorz

    Hi Morad from Morocco nice to be with you guys...

    Welcome! I keep reading about the toll the recent earthquake took on Morocco. I hope everything is ok where you are.
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    Greetings from Massachusetts

    Welcome fellow New Englander!
  6. ekorz

    info: jamma pcbs architecture resources

    MAME is about as comprehensive a resource as you will find. You're asking such a broad question that there's no way to answer it. If you want to ask something specific about a specific piece of hardware, go for it. Otherwise here are links for just one pcb design - Neo Geo - that can maybe give...
  7. ekorz

    How to get the pixel/dot clock of an arcade game for the OSSC

    (...other than hooking the pcb up to an oscilloscope) When you boot a rom in mame, it will display the video resolution. Some games are not timed perfectly, but they will tell you that in the warning screen. I don’t use an ossc much though so I don’t know how to make use of that info. Neo Geo...
  8. ekorz

    info: jamma pcbs architecture resources
  9. ekorz

    FS War gods pcb clean

    The CF cards and DOMs that support the required resizing command are hard to find, but they’re out there. (this is @Summitarcade here but I’m not sure if he checks often)...
  10. ekorz

    Repair Log: CPS1 No Sound

    I never feel bad about learning something. Thanks! That does mean that now wonder why they fail so often then - the overclocking made for a great explanation.
  11. ekorz

    Bubble Symphony cartridge glitching on startup

    Every pcb is different but generally the 5v circuit has parts that only have max 2% tolerance. So you’re operating those parts out of spec outside of 4.9v-5.1v. This doesn’t kill them immediately but it hastens their demise, and they’re already 20+ years old at this point. You’d probably see...
  12. ekorz

    Hammy and Caius 's Nippon Kaihatsu

    OUTSTANDING!!! Amazing work, gentlemen!!
  13. ekorz

    Outfoxies issue

    If you don’t have a heating station you can remove it with chipquik. Just be sure to have enough desolder braid to clean up the leftovers
  14. ekorz

    PGM single game PCB interest check

    You’d be single-handedly improving the quality of the bootleg carts sold on aliexpress.
  15. ekorz

    Aje_fr: Multi CPS-2 Black

    If you post on the neo-Arcadia forum, he’s been keeping international lists there and shipping them worldwide recently.
  16. ekorz

    Converted SF2CE: M5 Rom hack for CPS1 hardware?

    No, this version is a conversion of M5 to original hardware. If you want to play M5, play it on HBMAME or one of the bootleg cps1 pcbs. As for the detail 'missing' from m7 in hbmame, I would suggest that you were not playing M7 because the one in HBMAME is what the community calls m7. There are...
  17. ekorz

    Is the Terra Onion site closed?

    they are a notoriously poor company especially when it comes to service. Hope you get a refund to buy this one:
  18. ekorz

    SOLD Sexy Parodius (JPN) - $425 Shipped

    It’s a shame Justin8736586 didn’t get his video
  19. ekorz

    NAOMI1 - 3,3V drops to 2,55V -> no boot

    The FET may indeed be fine, I just take it as evidence that someone possibly reworked the area before. The first digits are a batch number. The MTD 1302 is the company and part
  20. ekorz

    NAOMI1 - 3,3V drops to 2,55V -> no boot

    Looks like someone added solder to FET3 and the capacitor below it may not be connected