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  1. waiwainl

    Hello from the Netherlands

    Welcome :)
  2. waiwainl

    SOLD sold

    happy to trade it for my nes :D
  3. waiwainl

    FS FS: Deathsmiles kit, mushihimesama futari kit

    oh boy, what a beauties :love:
  4. waiwainl

    SOLD sold

    Does it have the PCB?
  5. waiwainl

    Pop'n Music control panel for Sega cabinets

    Lovely to see how this came about. Beautiful to see!
  6. waiwainl

    Aqua Ippan

    Looks very nice, I can see where the inspiration came from :-) Good music too :thumbup:
  7. waiwainl

    BubbleDrive8 - a multiloader for Konami's bubble games

    If you don't plan to reproduce it. Perhaps consider open sourcing it or outsourcing production to somebody else?
  8. waiwainl

    SOLD CAVE Pink Sweets Acrylic Enclosure Assembly

    Was this a CaveWich creation? Or from somebody else?
  9. waiwainl

    Positive feedback for NikoletatosG

    Purchased a MVS - was shipped well and fast. Great guy to talk to.
  10. waiwainl

    CPS1 Multi. Official Thread

    Awesome - want one too, missed out on the previous batch 😅
  11. waiwainl

    Positive feedback for Uroko Sakanabito

    Bought 2 PCB's from Uroko. Great guy to communicate with, ships fast in well packaged parcels. :thumbup:
  12. waiwainl

    Pioneer PDP-V402 - black line issue

    Hi, I have a Pioneer V402 for many years, always working. However, today I see a black line appearing horizontally. I double checked any SCART connections; but even without any video feed (just turning it on), it gives the black line. What could cause this? Any chance this can be fixed?
  13. waiwainl

    SOLD Fullset Cave SH3

    Very nice collection! Just wondering if €5333,- per game (average) is realistic? Good luck with the sale :thumbup:
  14. waiwainl

    Groove Coaster doesn't boot

    Did he check all the cables are still connected? If the GC was partially disassembled, he might have forgotten to re-connect some wires.
  15. waiwainl

    Joko Re-Introduction, YAJ/Akiba Shopping Service Offer (CLOSED as of 8/21/23)

    Do let us know, I do have 1 mainboard that I would like to find :D
  16. waiwainl

    WTB SHMUPs Please (CPS2)

    You can also try Yahoo Japan. There are quite some shmups floating by. And checkout the marketplace posts, also regularly.
  17. waiwainl

    FS Jamma Famicom (fully working)

    PM for Act Fancer :thumbsup:
  18. waiwainl

    Konami Windy 1 & 2 Marquee Insert Files

    Awesome! Now I just need to have the marquee itself || - did anybody already recreate those?
  19. waiwainl

    FS /thread

    What a beauty :love: