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  1. kikaso

    Gifted NAC Restoration Thread

    Thanks! It was @clintkolodziej idea to use the knurled nuts. I’m using M4x0.7mm.
  2. kikaso

    Gifted NAC Restoration Thread

    What’s the correct connector to use for vertical and horizontal?
  3. kikaso

    Gifted NAC Restoration Thread

    I think you would need to cut the yoke connector ends and use this connector. You would also need to split the connector in half given the vertical and horizontal connections on an MS9 are separate. Can someone please confirm that?
  4. kikaso

    WTB WTB Beat em ups!

    One of the best— enjoy!
  5. kikaso

    Sigma Fantasia Restore

    Also interested in this
  6. kikaso

    MS9-29 wire type

    Yes, 22AWG UL1007 wiring for the short RGB harness on the chassis side.
  7. kikaso

    MS9-29 wire type

    Hey there My NAC is same as what you reference; 20AWG UL1007 up from PSU but 18AWG UL1015 at monitor chassis. In addition to having more copper, the 18AWG UL1015 also has thicker insulation. I would guess that better heat dissipation is the reason for the different wiring.
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    FS Sega Sound Amp 421-8741

    Do you know which power supply came mounted to this amp?
  9. kikaso

    Weche 'Ok Baby' Arcade Cabinet Restoration

    The wiring harness might need a good cleaning to get rid of the cigarette smell. Looking forward to seeing more!
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    Welcome, fellow New Yorker!
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    Hello from Atlanta!

    No freaking way! That’s a really cool job. Been following GT3/4 motorsports off and on. Fan of the Corvette racing team. Porsche is just legendary in the class.
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    Hello from Atlanta!

    What kind of Motorsport? Would love to hear more. Welcome, Bryan!
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    Looking for Correct Sega Connectors

    It’s right. AMP UP connectors are weird like that
  14. kikaso

    Anyone able to identify this monitor/chasis ?

    Looks like a Sanwa PM1723. These are found in Mini Cutes as well.
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    Hello from Long Island NY

    Welcome, fellow New Yorker. Nice collection!
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    Good luck on your sale and, more importantly, your health issues.
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    Hello from Pennsylvania

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    IGS PGM cart PCB gerber files

    Thanks so much for all of your hard work
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    FS MVS, CPS1, Capcom & Sega I/O & more!

    Capcom I/O and Sun PSU sold!