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  1. tiff_lee

    Scud Race (Sega GT) Deluxe digital sound board and amplifier

    I've picked up a Scud Race deluxe and the digital sound board and front audio amp have both been ruined by rodent p*** by the looks of it. The digital sound board isn't the 'normal' one used in multiple games (for rear audio/soundtrack) it appears to be unique to the deluxe scud race and is for...
  2. tiff_lee

    Unico phoenix monitors - Opinions?

    I don't know if this will amount to anything but i've been keeping an eye on this panel since it was listed on in may. BrandSharpModel P/N LQ252B1LX01 Diagonal Size 25.2"Panel Type Resolution 1440(RGB)×1920 95PPI Pixel...
  3. tiff_lee

    Unico phoenix monitors - Opinions?

    What was the RGB impedance set to ?
  4. tiff_lee

    Unico phoenix monitors - Opinions?

    As well as the panel it would be interesting to see what control board the panel uses. It states all the resolutions it supports but I see nothing regarding it being tolerant of jamma level voltage, I know the Acrooda 20.1" stated similar compatibility but you needed to drop the voltage levels...
  5. tiff_lee

    Unico phoenix monitors - Opinions?

    The resolution also suggests 4:3 (1600x1200). Be interested to know what panel they used in this.
  6. tiff_lee

    Namco System ES3 Teardown and some basic info

    It will boot with one of the Iona I/Os
  7. tiff_lee

    Irico flat CRT and clone wei ya chassis (Yatta)

    I do but their condition is unknown as haven't got round to doing anything with them and no doubt the chassis I have for them dont work. This was all working prior to move so its gonna be something simple just wanted to gather any info I could about it, tube specs , is it tri sync etc
  8. tiff_lee

    Irico flat CRT and clone wei ya chassis (Yatta)

    Picked up a "Outrun 2010" arcade cabinet which is pretty much a like for like a sega cab but with Chinese parts, @mR_CaESaR pointed out it actually looks like an Initial D knock off with the short marquee holder on top and card reader box on the side. Inside its running an original xbox...
  9. tiff_lee

    SOLD Sega Blast City - 220v Power supply and amp all in one

    Offt nailed it Jokes aside that is definitely a critical piece of info for a potential buyer as they may buy this thinking that's all they need to do is fit this PSU, I realise it is may be obvious for more tech savvy people but not everyone is.
  10. tiff_lee

    SOLD Sega Blast City - 220v Power supply and amp all in one

    Yeah agreed, otherwise you'd be doing as per your cab but for the CRT/Fluro, send in native 220V then transform back down to 100V for those components. Apologies @Baldo206 not trying to derail or poison your sale thread just seeking to clarify things, even if the PSU is stock (100V) it's still...
  11. tiff_lee

    SOLD Sega Blast City - 220v Power supply and amp all in one

    Yeah this is what I was alluding to, I suspect the cab was converted in a similar manner and a label slapped on the back
  12. tiff_lee

    SOLD Sega Blast City - 220v Power supply and amp all in one

    Not to be a stickler but has the SMPS been converted to 220V or did the cab have an internal transformer setup. AC input via that IEC socket goes through the 32pin hirose to the blast IO board where it is fed to the fluro, CRT and back to the SMPS. If you were to fit that PSU assembly into a...
  13. tiff_lee

    Mortal Kombat 2 - memory expansion board (identify parts for service)

    I believe there are some threads on KLOV and maybe here quick google found a video here View: For 8 Mbit gal
  14. tiff_lee

    Mortal Kombat 2 - memory expansion board (identify parts for service)

    Try measuring the resistance between the pins and see what you get, although you may get some misleading readings with other components in circuit. Failing that if you're going to remove it anyway just measure it once off the board. Also not sure if you are aware but you can swap the main...
  15. tiff_lee

    Chinese Supergun

    In defence of that chinese supergun on the silkscreen it does show 5.15V as the minimum 5 volt rail voltage which is a little odd, not sure why it would be like that that by design
  16. tiff_lee

    Advice on fixing a system 32 golden axe2

    On mine the mainboard was dead, moved rom board to a known working main board and it fired up
  17. tiff_lee

    Midway (Williams) Y unit (Z unit and T unit) Discussion, Serial Numbers etc

    Awesome work, incredible how far this has progressed. From reverse engineering the tools to compile your own roms to now having it run on Wolf hardware extremely impressive.
  18. tiff_lee

    A bit of (Vewlix Dia) blue for the lads...

    Looking at the data sheet it doesn't specifically say if that is 250VAC RMS or peak to peak, so I suspect they just mean RMS in which case mains voltage as measured 100/110/240 etc. Anyway as you said yeah anything below 250 is fine, also says on the data sheet they use a test voltage of...
  19. tiff_lee

    Chewlix custom audio buzzing - ground loop?

    Is that with the monitor off but headphone lead still connected though? or with it unplugged at the amp end? if not unplug the 3.5mm lead at the amp end and see if it goes away I suspect it would
  20. tiff_lee

    Streetfighter 2 repair...

    Finally got some pics, I've got two of these boards with the 4 roms direct on the board by the 68000