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  1. AlxUnderBase

    Gifted NAC Restoration Thread

    In the MS8 chassis , the cables that comes from yoke looks like this … ive did this to compare to see if the connectors from Ms9 are in the same spots 🤷🏻‍♂️🙈
  2. AlxUnderBase

    Gifted NAC Restoration Thread

    In my case was opossite … China arcade shop owner sent me NAC equiped with A68KJU96X (6F - June 1996) with ms8-29 and he did some moddifications for NAC to use this chassis instead MS9-29… (i have ms9 spare and is time for me to replace MS8 - he start to make me troubles) big helps from @kikaso...
  3. AlxUnderBase

    Sigma Fantasia Restore

    Very nice and special candy cabinet 👏🏻
  4. AlxUnderBase

    WTB MS9 Yoke Flip Switch

    @FrancoB rocks too with his adapter even isnt switch resolution one ✌🏻 Thanks to Emphatic for his article :
  5. AlxUnderBase

    Positive feedback for NikoletatosG

    Purchased few games too like : J League 1994 ( sega system 32 ) full set Liquid Kids Euro Champ Etc Everytime , the parcell is super well packed and you will get a good made in Greece sweet along ps : other guys like @atrac17 ,@Brakvader , @NavArcade received good stuff from @NikoletatosG...
  6. AlxUnderBase

    MITSU Wait list: Namco System 1 Multi new batch

    Great , Mitsu ! Maybe i will get a kit of this multi when will be my turn ! If i will have money at that time 🙏🏻 As a matter of fact , yes , im interested ✌🏻
  7. AlxUnderBase

    FS free stuff, cheap stuff, expensive stuff - we've got it all

    Great theard & prices ! GLWS 👍🏻 There’s rare stuff !
  8. AlxUnderBase

    Irken (MiSTer) JAMMA Expander

    New update for all Jamma Expander revisions : Super easy update procedure :happy:
  9. AlxUnderBase

    FS Nanao Ms9-29

    Good resources ! Great helping with these 👍🏻
  10. AlxUnderBase

    Hello from Long Island NY

    Welcome :happy:
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    Taito F3 2023 Multi - Graphics issues (sudden)

    I had some troubles with my motherboard in the past Here : View: @Hammy finds out and come back to me with some answers (he fixed nicely) , here : View: Cheers :happy:
  12. AlxUnderBase

    WTB Jaleco Rod-Land

    @FPJ - hope you dont feel offended , but check these to see what's about ! Multi by @Hammy & @caius here : And this is the Jaleco core for the #MiSTerFPGA by @atrac17 &...
  13. AlxUnderBase

    IGS PGM cart PCB gerber files

    No more bad bootlegs thanks to Fluffy 👏🏻✌🏻
  14. AlxUnderBase

    FS Some good boards :)

    The IREM stuff are from Hammy’s personal collection and they looks good , he even put a video on his youtube channel some time ago where he shows some of his IREM stuff . Hopefully , good guys to buy . D!ks are not welcome or alowed ✌🏻
  15. AlxUnderBase

    WTB WTB: Supergun for USA use - w/RGB

    Hello there ! I reccomend these products from @RGB : Cheers !
  16. AlxUnderBase

    FS New old Stock Taito egret illumination panel

    Hopefully @hursit was the buyer! :happy:
  17. AlxUnderBase

    Hammy and Caius 's Nippon Kaihatsu

    Glad is announced ! Glad to help when is needed ! ✌🏻 Glad you pointed what was needed to point out 👍🏻
  18. AlxUnderBase

    FS Some good boards :)

    Amazing prices . GLWS brother ✌🏻
  19. AlxUnderBase

    NVS-4000 / NVS-4000-01 Mount for Astro/New Astro

    What printer model have you used ? And how much time it takes to be printed ? Also how much material was used to be printed? Thank you ! Ps : im asking this because i talked with a friend and he told me it shows more than 24 hours to print this … at least is what he told me ! Maybe he didnt...