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  1. suprawhite

    How to safely take apart a cps2 B/game shell?

    I guessed I'm not the only one. It sure is a hit and misses. The exact same shell can be remove perfectly without breaking any plastic tab can be broken the next time, not even the next day. I got to the point where just as long as nothing major like the shell itself, I can put them back intact...
  2. suprawhite

    FS 100 yen coins

    I'm next in line. Thanks :)
  3. suprawhite

    Street Fighter 6 Type Arcade Vewlix marquee and move strip (original art)

    There are always people that use other people's hard work and then flip them into their own profit.
  4. suprawhite

    Vewlix L-ami 1p8b panel

    Both of my Vewlix have Alberto panels and I love them.
  5. suprawhite

    FS Vewlix/NAC/Egret/Windy etc - Coin Reject Credit Button Kits

    It's one of the easiest kit to install, very straightforward includes extra accessories to make everything look like it came from factory. The screws for both of my Vewlix were easy to unscrew, but my Atomiswave was scary. Luckily, I removed the service door completely to give me space to work...
  6. suprawhite

    SOLD Omni Odin V2 ASWD, 5 JLF and harnesses.

    What conditions are those JLF? BTW what are the bottom pictures stuffs? Thanks
  7. suprawhite

    WTB Anyone have an extra Taito R0032 lock?

    I just got Coin Reject Credit Button Kits for my Atomiswave SD. Long story short, I'm missing one lock to complete my cabinet and the lock I need is R0032. If anyone has an extra lock, let me know. Thanks
  8. suprawhite

    WTB Super Street fighter 2 Turbo

    Was your AE original or conversion btw. I thought AE worth more due to the facts that it's basically ST with options to play any version of each character.
  9. suprawhite

    WTB Super Street fighter 2 Turbo

    There's one on Ebay right now for $400 obo with $17.30 shipping.
  10. suprawhite


    Damn, I'm late again.
  11. suprawhite

    SOLD Vewlix parts, 100Y coins

    Man, I missed out on the 100 Yen coins again. Been looking for these for a while now. Trust me, I've tried going to the bank, but none have them. I'm late because I'm from the West Coast. :D
  12. suprawhite

    SOLD Arcade Parts (mostly Vewlix)

    No wonder, the wiring is clean plus that 3D print bracket and Zero4u board thingy for the USB. @hoagtech, you score big on this. :D
  13. suprawhite

    SOLD Arcade Parts (mostly Vewlix)

    Thanks for sharing @hoagtech. If you ever decide to sell it one day, let me know. In the meantime, I'll stick with my Artax X3 multi. Btw, is that Vewlix harness from Lemony? Just want to know just in case I ever need one. Thanks
  14. suprawhite

    SOLD Arcade Parts (mostly Vewlix)

    Lemony is a very cool person. All my Vewlix K and J harness are from him. I'm a dummy when it come to things like these and when I saw what you have I was like damn, that's exactly what I've been looking for with everything all set to go. When I saw that time stamp, I was like over a day late...
  15. suprawhite

    SOLD Arcade Parts (mostly Vewlix)

    It's my luck, I always check this section when I'm at work but yesterday was my day off so I didn't check it out. The one time, like I mentioned, it's life and I have to live with it. Five years looking for something that finally pop up and out of luck. My 60gb PS3 been collecting dust because...
  16. suprawhite

    SOLD Arcade Parts (mostly Vewlix)

    God damn, I check out his section everyday and the one time I didn't I missed out on the things I've been looking all these years which is that Brook Fighting Boards with Vewlix harness. Oh well, that's life. Would you be kindly enough to show me how to replicate that set up like where you get...
  17. suprawhite

    FS Game Saru cab imports - NO specialty requests until 2025 (updated 9/28/2023)

    Do you know what is the change in the stool design revision consist of?
  18. suprawhite

    FS Vewlix/NAC/Egret/Windy etc - Coin Reject Credit Button Kits

    I'll take 2 Vewlix and 1 Atomiswave SD. Thanks
  19. suprawhite

    WTB Super Street fighter 2 Turbo

    I play HSF2AE also, it's basically SSF2T with option to play any version of SF2 series. That game is actually rarer than SSF2T. If he can make conversion rom, that's awesome.
  20. suprawhite

    FS Arcade Stuff: PGM Bundle, MvC CPS2, Kaneko Cyvern

    What? Did you really make the SSF2T into a multi?