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  1. plasticfactory

    Namco 2X6-Pi Multi Selector

    Well in that case I may as well go ahead with the printed parts and Pi selector :)
  2. plasticfactory

    Namco 2X6-Pi Multi Selector

    Dare I ask, who?
  3. plasticfactory


    Long shot, but I'm looking to build out my 2X6 system properly and this is out of stock. Maybe someone has one sitting around? :)
  4. plasticfactory

    Namco 2X6-Pi Multi Selector

    That's really too bad. I'm guessing without this one specific product I'm basically out of luck on this project? I've tried searching for an alternative but haven't found anything yet.
  5. plasticfactory

    Namco 2X6-Pi Multi Selector

    Does anyone know of an ODE that is in stock anywhere?
  6. plasticfactory

    Namco Exceleena Restoration

    That cp is sick! Really great choice of parts.
  7. plasticfactory

    Sigma Fantasia Restore

    That color looks awesome. The Rivian is nice, too!
  8. plasticfactory

    FS FS: DDP DFK 1.5 Bare PCB

    Well shit, can't argue with that :) hit me up when you're done! Edit: we need a different reaction emoji. Something between a thumbs up and heart eyes, lol
  9. plasticfactory

    FS FS: DDP DFK 1.5 Bare PCB

    This is what I get for dragging my feet!
  10. plasticfactory

    Killer Instinct Dual Board

    +1 for the through holes. Wouldn't even matter if they lined up with any of the holes on KI -- you can always add a standoff that rests or 3d print something.
  11. plasticfactory

    Taito F3 2023 Multi - Graphics issues (sudden)

    @Darksoft I added the VERIFY file to both Elevator Action and Darius Gaiden. It went through the verify process, but did not say "VERIFY OK" or "VERIFY ERROR", it simply said "finished". I know it went through some sort of process as after the game was loaded, the status bar started over...
  12. plasticfactory

    Taito F3 2023 Multi - Graphics issues (sudden)

    This may be a stupid question, but am I literally just adding a blank file called VERIFY.txt (or some other format?) to the folder of the game ROM I want to verify? If it comes down to it, I don't have any problem reworking the flashes.
  13. plasticfactory

    APOCALYPSE Sega System 24 multi kit sale & support

    Actual lol. I finally got a donor and need to get around to installing the multi.
  14. plasticfactory

    Taito F3 2023 Multi - Graphics issues (sudden)

    I seem to have confirmed it's an issue with the multi board. I purchased a new motherboard from Sophia Corp considering my current one was super janky anyway, and I didn't like all the repairs on it. Unfortunately, I was met with the exact same issue. I've tried a new SD card (same...
  15. plasticfactory

    DARKSOFT New Namco System 1 Multi

    Any updates on these?
  16. plasticfactory

    SYS2X6 Dongle - no video during game, video during test mode

    So now I ask, are there any games worth playing on this platform (stick and button) that aren't fighters? I bought it mostly for Tekken and SC, as I imagine many do.
  17. plasticfactory

    Egret II - Illumination Panel Re-Production Interest Check

    I had a similar thought: Looking at the manual xtrasmiley shared, nothing looking particularly concerning. Not to say it would be a simple project...