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  1. JoeAwesome

    WTB WTB: Sega Naomi Dimm

    I have a netdimm if interested.
  2. JoeAwesome

    WTB WWF Royal Rumble Naomi Cart

    I wouldn’t be surprised if it was isolated to one IC, but no idea what exactly caused the issue. Higher voltage?
  3. JoeAwesome

    JLF Mounting Plate Options on Blast Panel

    Who’s scuffing their panel with dust washers? I’m not holding battops on my panels.
  4. JoeAwesome

    WTB WWF Royal Rumble Naomi Cart

    RAM checks out at ?? all the way. More than likely, you’ll need to find and unsolder the bad RAM to replace it with a good one(s). Surface mount stuff.
  5. JoeAwesome

    WTB WWF Royal Rumble Naomi Cart

    I have one in need of repair if you’d like a cheap project.
  6. JoeAwesome

    Green monitor (but not all the time)

    Degauss it, first. If that fails, you’ll want to work on the monitor’s magnets.
  7. JoeAwesome

    NNC issues. (Probably simple)(update not simple)
  8. JoeAwesome

    FS Mini "Classic" Systems

    I recall that, but not at this smoking price.
  9. JoeAwesome

    FS Mini "Classic" Systems

    Nice. If it was the City V, I’d be all over it. Free bump for a great price on the City mini
  10. JoeAwesome

    NNC issues. (Probably simple)(update not simple)

    Different wiring. Is all the wiring to the coin mech in place? I’m looking at the yellow connector in the last pic that isn’t wired.
  11. JoeAwesome

    Raiden II wave 👋

    What monitor are you using, dogg? Seibu boards have funny refresh rates, so some monitors might have sync issues.
  12. JoeAwesome

    Sigma Raijin

    Different boards may read out different voltages depending on how power hungry they are, but it should be closer to 5v-5.1v
  13. JoeAwesome

    SOLD Egret II Mahjong Stuff

    Jugging chong
  14. JoeAwesome

    Sega Net City Restoration

    What kind of stick mount setup is that @Thomas
  15. JoeAwesome

    FS FREE: Older Sega Panels & Racing panel covers (San Antonio, TX)

    I’ll pass it forward for shipping if it all works out.
  16. JoeAwesome

    CPS2 Help

    What revision B board? My Asia 2T is doing the same thing. I suspect there can be issues with 93646B-4
  17. JoeAwesome

    Arkanoid board and spinner on Astro City?

    It sounds like the wiring. I’m wondering if the buttons were wired as “always on”.