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  1. Aurich

    New Astro City Marquee GLUED??

    It looks like someone already painted yours, so who knows how they stuck it back in. It should have bolts, as well as adhesive, when it's stock.
  2. Aurich

    FS Xed and Mirko repro Monkeyball banana and harness

    I love this project, the end result is so sweet, so I don't want to bring any negative energy to it. But I have some advice I've said before and imo bears repeating: I've done aftermarket/custom mods for people for the last decade or more, and what I learned really fast is I never want to take...
  3. Aurich

    FS Interest check: Trade my BVM D24 for XM29 plus cash

    Funny because I felt like my XM29 was almost too clean. I mean, it looks great, like some idealized idea of scanlines that never really existed in the real world, but it also almost looks fake because of that. If the D24 is even cleaner than that is must be razor fucking sharp.
  4. Aurich

    FS Neo 25 and Neo Candy Both Fully Restored

    Clean cabs! I've got an aftermarket panel on my Neo Candy 29 now so I could mess with dials to change button layouts, but when I first got it set up with an OEM panel I was really big on getting the right Semimitsu buttons and colors, it doesn't look right without them. Makes me happy to see...
  5. Aurich

    MiSTerAddons MiSTercade - MiSTer for JAMMA cabinets

    Debouncing is when you filter inputs from something, like say a microswitch in a button, to remove excess noise for clean inputs. It's a really simple concept that my brain is having trouble explaining, I need coffee. But basically electronics can be "noisy"; when you trigger a switch it's not...
  6. Aurich

    Konami Windy 1 & 2 Marquee Insert Files

    Injection molded polycarbonate.
  7. Aurich

    Weche 'Ok Baby' Arcade Cabinet Restoration

    I second the advice to not use the Pandora to test or adjust anything. It's hard to be patient, but don't start worrying about if your electronics are working correctly until you get a proper board in there. Things might be working a lot better than you think, and there's no reason to worry...
  8. Aurich

    Help finding better pictures of specific Control Panels

    Yeah, we definitely lost something when panels went full generic. Cab branding is cool, but just a marquee to show the game isn't exactly the same. How many people have had guests ask them what game "Astro City" is? 😂
  9. Aurich

    FOUND Undamned USB Decoder Terminal (wired) version

    I think I know why you want these, and I wish he was still making them. Good luck!
  10. Aurich

    Konami Windy 2 Paint Colour

    No clue, but I definitely second @Kidkaos that you want to make sure they're shooting a pearl white. They have a lovely pearl flake, it's not a flat color.
  11. Aurich

    FS FS: Konami Windy 1 (Pink Windy) SOLD

    Love my Windy. That marquee alone adds like $300-400 to the value, assuming you can even find one, so price feels reasonable by today's inflated standards. Good luck!
  12. Aurich

    Unico phoenix monitors - Opinions?

    I mean, it "fits". I've seen worse though. Come up with a little bezel extension cover and it could be acceptable I guess?
  13. Aurich

    Street Fighter 6 Type Arcade Vewlix marquee and move strip (original art)

    I don't care if you sell them. They're for people to enjoy, and collaged from work I don't own, it's fine with me.
  14. Aurich

    SOLD Sexy Parodius (JPN) - $425 Shipped

    Or ... pay attention to the multiple members here in good standing who have already vouched for him. If he said it works I believe him. If you're super precious about used arcade boards from the 90s then maybe this isn't really the right hobby for you.
  15. Aurich

    SOLD Sexy Parodius (JPN) - $425 Shipped

    That would be the easiest "no thanks, I'll sell to someone else" message if I got that. 😂 Can confirm. There is no reason to treat them like some kind of scammer.
  16. Aurich

    [solved] Help with Darksoft cps2 , 2x and freeplay

    From my experience sometimes it just doesn't work to add games to an existing card and you have to reformat and start clean. No idea why!
  17. Aurich

    SF6 Type Arcade Noir / Vewlix Artwork Set

    Just gang things up onto any poster size you can fit, and then trim it all down after it's printed. Don't worry about trying to print anything at exactly the right size.
  18. Aurich

    Street Fighter 6 Type Arcade Vewlix marquee and move strip (original art)

    Aww, thanks. Just happy to share little passion projects.
  19. Aurich

    Atomiswave Multi

    Sad but true.