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    Request for Axunworks to reach back to customers

    Oh wow! I was about to order the RGB-2YC (RGB to Composite & S-Video Ver2.0) adapter from axunworks but good I found this post. Im not sure now If I'll order it. I'm not willing to wait a year for an order to arrive.
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    Hello from the island of PR

    Thank you guys for the welcome!
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    Home Arcade System

    Received my HAS supergun last week and working great!! Thanks a lot @RGB Modified my Framemeister 8 pin Mini Din to JP21 as output for the HAS and working great.
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    Hello from the island of PR

    Hello everyone! I'm Ray from Puerto Rico and I am honored to have lived during the golden era of arcades back in the 80's. Arcades bring me back great memories as I remember in 7th grade having a Bakery, a pizza place and a butcher shop, all that had arcades back in the day. I used to play...