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  1. Shinsengumi

    FS AWSD/Egret 3 PFX Chassis Trays

    I'd like 2 please!
  2. Shinsengumi

    Egret II - Illumination Panel Re-Production Interest Check

    Oh snap! I'd please like 3 E2 (and 1 E3 if you make these) Thx!
  3. Shinsengumi

    Taito Egret 3 2L12B Control Panel Scan - 1200 dpi

    Sry for the bump... do you still have these?
  4. Shinsengumi

    Compact Flash Card Compatibility List

    Heya Hamster... Not sure about IDE->SATA, but IDE->CF is easy. You can actually netboot the updated FW to the Chihiro3 and don't even need a zerokey I have replaced all 3 of my Chihiro3 GD-rom drives with CF.
  5. Shinsengumi

    FS Dave's Arcade Storage Bin Pulls Updated 12.06.2023

    PM inbound about Ghost Squad Evolution!
  6. Shinsengumi

    FS PCBs Espgaluda, Shogun Warriors, Futari Black Kit (new), Truxton, Gals Panic S, Sega Aero Table parts

    You have a pic perhaps of the E2-E3-AWSD PCB area panel repro? Thx!
  7. Shinsengumi


    PM inbound
  8. Shinsengumi


    PM inbound on the Naomi2
  9. Shinsengumi

    FS price check - Egret 3

    I paid like 3k for my E3 with a Toshiba monitor/chassis earlier this year, so I think 2.5k seems right with the Weiya. I'm sure there's a line of interested folks... plz add me to it :P
  10. Shinsengumi

    Mahjong -> Jamma adapters (Interest check)

    Curious, does anyone have a pinout for the p1 and p2 controls as Mahjong COM and KEY via that 3x4 connector? Thx!
  11. Shinsengumi

    WTB Sega Mahjong Control Panel

    Thanks Ziggy! I appreciate it!
  12. Shinsengumi

    WTB Sega Mahjong Control Panel

    Thanks man... I actually tried to buy the HK legends one and they said they were out of stock :(
  13. Shinsengumi

    WTB Sega Mahjong Control Panel

    Looking for a mahjong panel for my Naomi universal cab... Anyone looking to part with one? :)
  14. Shinsengumi

    FS PCB’s and parts

    What's the make of the full JAMMA harness? Thx!
  15. Shinsengumi


    PM sent as well for leftovers... @tonyt76 I am so very sry to see you sell all the amazing stuff you have been collecting over the years. Whatever is going on dude, hang in there!
  16. Shinsengumi

    Where do folks buy their 22 awg wire in bulk?

    @djsheep Tops.... Hmmm. I could not figure out how to create an account w/o living in Japan?
  17. Shinsengumi

    Where do folks buy their 22 awg wire in bulk?

    I have a partially shipped order from Nov '21 that took months Normally I have had amazing experiences with them, but recently not so much. 1st part of my Nov '21 order took about 2 months to ship and I still have not received the rest. To make matters worse, they are not replying to my emails. :(