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    (SOLVED) MS9 diagnosis help

    The MS9 will display a weird squished image when the remote board is not connected. The first thing I would do is examine your connections on your remote board being connected to the chassis.
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    Irken (MiSTer) JAMMA Expander

    I have a strange problem, it seems every 2-3 times I power up my cab with the Jamma expander connected the unit powers on for a few seconds gets to the mister menu, and then the expander powers itself off. If I power cycle it usually comes back up fine. I've checked my voltages and updated the...
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    WTB 29” Nanao Monitor for Astro City in SoCal

    I think most people just deal with the burn considering how these machines have lived their life thus far. It's almost like it's patina. If it is something you just cant live with, you could explore the dark art of tube swapping. But finding a compatible consumer tube for these can require a...
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    FS Astro City Cab $850 .

    It looks like that because it is! It is a model kit sold by Wave
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    Nanao 2930 - no screen with neck glow

    I have received chassis that when I first connected to a tube they appeared non-functioning, but only required an adjustment of the flyback to bring the image up. (Just in case, the flyback is the large black plastic part on the chassis that has the red wire and anode cap connected to it, there...
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    Nanao 2930 - no screen with neck glow

    Do you feel static on the front of the screen when you turn it on? Have you tried turning up the flyback screen knob, do you see raster lines?
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    Greetings! Are you saying you offer a proxy purchasing service from Japan? Or do you have an inventory of arcade items? :)
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    FOUND Seibu SPI Motherboard

    I'll respond because it seems he is a new user, this is his first post, and was just trying to be helpful. The original poster is looking for a SPI mainboard that works with the later Raiden fighers games that has cartridge like attachments to change the game. The game/pcb you posted is the...
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    Getting an original Vewlix, what do I need to know before taking the plunge

    Many Chewlixes are a nice alternative to a genuine Vewlix, but I would be cautious of the newest variation coming out of china. The previous design Chewlix was a mostly faithful reproduction where many after market or even genuine Vewlix parts would work, but the newest version being sold...
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    [Solved]Nanao MS2930 - Blue screen shuts down

    The chassis can be removed by removing a few screws on the bottom of the frame, the chassis will slide out attached to the metal tray. You remove the chassis from the tray to service it and gain access to the solder pads on the bottom by unscrewing the corners and possibly one center screw, and...
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    [Solved]Nanao MS2930 - Blue screen shuts down

    Hmmmm, it looks like there may be an image on the screen? Is there a MiSTer interface there? Or is it an all Blue image with screen burn and no signal going to it? If it is receiving a signal, but the image is blue, check the RGB video connections. The signal travels from the Jamma loom through...
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    Ms9 in a blast city

    Many people have put MS9s in Blasts. As Geekman1222 said, the curvature is different so you will notice gaps at the corners. Additionally the tube will have to be back mounted to the frame and some spacers or washers will need to be used because the tube sits farther forward on the MS9 frame...
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    Nanao MS9-29 enhancement hacks

    What is the shmup you are playing here? I really need to get around to testing out the G1 mod, the 31hz mod seems a bit too involved for me.
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    Decathlete for STV finally working!

    Very COOL! I will definitely check this out
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    New Astro City Help (First Time Candy Cab Owner)

    It looks connected correctly from what I can tell in the pics. The first thing I would check is your test PCB. Does it work connected to another device like a supergun? What are you using to test it with? Yes, once you have verified the pcb you are using works, test your voltages with a...
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    MiSTer FPGA

    I had the same problems when I was first figuring out how to try new beta cores. It is a 3 file process. Download the zip file from the github page, put the 5 .mra files in the /_Arcade folder, put the 3 .rbf files in the /_Arcade/cores folder, and find the mame roms for all 5 games (it is best...
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    MiSTer FPGA

    Battle Garegga, Kingdom Grandprix, Sorcer Striker, Battle Bakraid, and of course Armed Police Batrider Release Candidate 1 builds are out if anyone wants to give them a test: Lots of Raizing goodness on the Mister! I am impressed!
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    Egret 29 - Restoration

    Exciting stuff! I'll be following this thread closely! 8o
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    FS THE ARCADE PCB CASE : "Universal Protection Case" - RESERVATION DEADLINE -

    Very interesting design, I am glad you included a video to see how you can connect the PCB while still in the case. Is the base panel the PCB mounts to wood? What is your location you will be shipping from?
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    All my communication with him in the past had always been through Facebook messager before he joined this forum, he was resonably responsive except for when there was a Chinese holiday. I'd recomend reaching out there too and see if you get a response. Best of luck!