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  1. buffi

    JVS IO for two DB15 Arcade Sticks

    Very nice! Are you basing the firmware on td-io, or is it custom?
  2. buffi

    My arcade Jamma starter kit (El cheapo)

    I mean that particular part is pretty trivial. Theres no encoder needed, its all passive. Just hook up the buttons/lever.
  3. buffi

    My arcade Jamma starter kit (El cheapo)

    I think its worth it to buy a premade supergun instead of diy’ing one nowadays. Even alright superguns are so cheap now
  4. buffi

    My arcade Jamma starter kit (El cheapo)

    I think you can probably hack something together thats working with those parts, but it will be pretty sketchy. Post an update when you have the parts, since im kindof curious.
  5. buffi

    My arcade Jamma starter kit (El cheapo)

    Never seen that cbox/supergun. Could be jank or could be ok. 36eur is about what i'd expect some cheapo version would be, so could actually be ok maybe. Scaler is probably something similar to a GBS control in terms of scaling capabilities, but slimmed down to minimum viable board. I expect you...
  6. buffi

    JAMMA adapter with fan headers

    Yeah that makes more sense, and sounds reasonable
  7. buffi

    JAMMA adapter with fan headers

    When you say enclosure, do you mean you are making cabs / cab-like things? Cause I mean... just tap the 5v/12v directly from the PSU in that case. You can have some separate add on board if you want connected there. Putting it as a jamma adapter will make it pretty awkward to handle when...
  8. buffi

    Atomiswave bootleg carts?

    Most ggx1.5 ive seen have had real shitty peeling labels (incl) mine. Not sure whats up with that. The pcbs in yours are legit (mine too) My best guess is that this game just shipped with really shit labels, since thats all ive seen. Its a very limited release fwiw
  9. buffi

    Greeting from Sweden

    Welcome! Nice with more Swedish people. Are you also on ? :)
  10. buffi

    Superguns...What's available now?

    I ordered another Axun supergun recently (I have the big one since before). This time bought the "mini" one for my test-bench, and it only took a month to arrive. Pictures here: I...
  11. buffi

    Super BetsuBetsu Turbo (Video/Audio splitter + keyremap/autofire)

    This is definitely just in the thinking-out-loud phase so far, but have been thinking about doing a version of BetsuBetsu which in addition to audio + video splitting for streaming, also does button remapping + autofire. Current thinking is support something like: - Video out (MD2 RGB) - Audio...
  12. buffi

    Espgaluda 2 (CV1000) repair of bad U2 NAND using JTAG

    Very nice! Good job rescuing a faulty board :)
  13. buffi

    Jamma games with Audio GND not tied to common GND

    I'm messing around with some different circuit options for line level conversion and was wondering if someone had good examples of common boards that don't have shared GND tied to Audio GND, meaning that audio GND has some amount of Bias. I know some Mahjong games of mine does (Taisen Hot...
  14. buffi

    Supergun powered by USB-C

    Extremely great idea
  15. buffi

    IGS PGM cart PCB gerber files

    Huge props for this. You are a great guy
  16. buffi

    Espgaluda 2 (CV1000) repair of bad U2 NAND using JTAG

    My best guess is that the first failure was some bit going bad, causing decompression of that asset to fail (mmp uses a very cursed compression algo btw). Then some other bit went bad in the same (bad) block, in a way that caused decompression to succeed, but with some incorrect pixel colors...
  17. buffi

    Street Fighter Nubytech Controllers.

    So uh, did they fuck up the Blanka box and put "Cammy" on that too?
  18. buffi

    NON-CRT Displays that support 15KHz and 25KHz resolutions

    Dell P2414Hb works perfectly in 15khz
  19. buffi

    Where can I source new Seimitsu JB-35-T mahjong buttons?