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    Can you run games natively on taito type x hardware?

    maybe. but am pretty sure Niko Multi runs that game natively and you can set it to autoboot whichever game iirc ? Niko ?
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    Replace HDD to SSD on Tekken Tag 2?

    try making a exact 1:1 with HDD Raw copy and use your original dongle , it may work
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    Can you run games natively on taito type x hardware?

    i think he means not emulated like on the Type X2 multi , unlike the type X3 which uses Teckoparrot etc i think is what he is asking ?
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    TTX4 and USB IO on Multi Artax

    yes you dont need to connect those
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    WTB Konami I/O for Winning Eleven 2012/14

    Got the Unit and the Control Panel, still requiring the I/O please
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    TTX4 and USB IO on Multi Artax

    i dont have it with me now, i am using a Sega Alls with a fast i/o from a type X3 lol its just plug in and off you go though
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    TTX4 and USB IO on Multi Artax

    from what i know you wont get the Multi working on a USB i/o , i ran my TTX4 with that on a Fast i/o removed from a Type X3
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    APOCALYPSE Sega System 16B Multi Sales, Installation and Support

    mine doesn't like to give me any sound unless i give it a tap and then it works
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    FS Taito Type X3 Core I5

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    FS Taito Type X3 Core I5

    big price drop
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    Sega ALLS System

    my bad , i thought seen as those passwords were shown no harm for the others
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    What is this Konami i/o out of or for please ?

    as title above, What is this for or out of please
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    FS Taito Type X3 Core I5

    Taito Type X3 Core I5 Nvidia GTX 660 8 GIG Ram New Thermals , upgraded bios to let you upgrade GPU if required 1TB WD HDD with Atrax multi can supply with SSD for cost of replacement SSD Price includes UK Shipping £305 Willing to ship abroad , PM for a quote
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    Konami Winning Eleven 2012

    Looking to run this in a Viewlix cab i a Noir , or even a jamma Aero if possible i just have the base unit , it boots up but complains about the i/o i am guessing it wants a special Konami I/O or is there any work around at all ? Any help Appreciated
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    WTB WTB Konami I/O for Winning Eleven 2012

    as title states, i believe its this i/o but not sure any help appreciated
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    Replacement Projector for Mach Storm Dome

    if i remember thats the one i used as a replacement for a Mac Storm Pod
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    Namco Noir advice

    i may have to replace the monitor in my Noir
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    WTB Konami I/O

    Konami Winning Eleven Main I/O required please
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    SYS2x6 technical details discussion

    No you dont need to remove the Nand you just need the correct software, the correct missing software components (which are no longer available) and Brizzos programable dongle (no longer available) and it can all be done with a few clicks, but the problem is key components are no longer available...