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  1. ItsBobDudes

    Sega Model 1 VF Sound board power connector.

    I was hoping someone might point me in the correct direction. I have a Sega Model 1 Soundboard that came with an untested Virtua Fighter setup. I have no way of powering up the sound board. I imagine the harness is near impossible to find so next best thing is to make my own harness. Hoping...
  2. ItsBobDudes

    WTB: Sega Blast City Marquee

    Hi, I am looking for Sega Blast City marquee. repro is OK. Let me know if anyone is producing these. example
  3. ItsBobDudes

    "Batteryless" B-boards

    Hi all, I am fairly new to arcade boards and I am picking up the details as fast as I can. I am looking at a lot of Japanese listings for Super Street Fighter IIX GMC that are "batteryless". My question is are these how they came from Capcom? Are they pheonixed? I ask the seller and I usually...