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  1. -Ace-

    CPS1.5 conversion help

    First, if there is a guide someplace else(looked all over this forum) that may make it alot easier figuring this out, please post where it is. I have most of a Slammaster CPS1.5 pcb set except for the B board, in which I am going to use a SF2 (91635B-2) pcb in it's place. This Slammaster was...
  2. -Ace-

    Super Neo 29 marquee bulb and speaker

    Anyone know what bulb I can put in my Super Neo 29? Also only the right side speaker is working-any source for the identical or replacement speaker?
  3. -Ace-

    Knights of the Round C board question

    OK, so I was going through some old boards and found (2) Knights of the Round pcb's w/o C boards. Back in the day, I de-suicided them as rom 23 has been blanked and rewritten. I received my battery backed B-21's in the mail today so I thought I could throw one of them on this board. Anyway...
  4. -Ace-

    PCB part identicification

    I have a Joe and Mac pcb that I received awhile back that doesn't boot. Infact it's kind of weird on my test rig. Upon powering up it shuts my test rig down, as if there is a power fault, or something. The pic shows (3) components (outlined in blue) that I am missing from the pcb I describe...
  5. -Ace-

    CPS1 B board START button input Issue

    Hey guy’s, I have a CPS1 stack that has a start button issue- doesn’t register. I have narrowed it down to a chip on the B board, except I have no idea what chip. Anyone know which chip(s) is responsible for the start input?
  6. -Ace-

    What are the best TV's suited for our arcade cabs?

    I made friends with a local electronics recycle guy who happens to run into a number of old tube TV's. He's willing to put aside whatever I want, but what am I looking for when it comes to old TV's? Not including the Sony B/PVM's, I have heard Sony Trinitrons are up there. Other than that, if...
  7. -Ace-

    Sound issues on Super Neo 29 cab

    I have a Super neo 29" that's practically new, so I don't know that it's something physically wrong with my cab, but my question is if there is different wiring within these MVS cabs that is different than a regular jamma cab in regards to audio? I have tried a number of pcb's with varying...
  8. -Ace-

    Chinese eproms

    I recently received an order of AM27c4096 eproms from China. They look like new, but my guess would be they are not. I have seen how they can take them and make them look like new, etc. Anyway, my problem is that they will not write. I have erased them completely twice. I run a blank check and...
  9. -Ace-

    SNK P.O.W audio amp identification

    I need to replace this 12 pin audio amp. The labeling stamped on the chip is pretty much wiped off, but 13001 is stamped on the pcb next to the chip. I can't find this chip or any information on it. Is there a proper part number/name for this part so that I could find a replacement? Perhaps...
  10. -Ace-

    FT: M84 Hammerin' Harry for ?

    I have a spare M84 Hammerin' Harry which sounds like could be quite useful in the future. Looking for something new to play that I don't already have. LMK what you have, thanks-
  11. -Ace-

    WTB: Rezon pcb

    Still looking for a reasonably priced pcb- not the crook prices currently on Ebay. Thanks- FOUND, thanks-
  12. -Ace-

    SF2 CPS1 B board player 1 button issue

    Can any of you board fixers tell which chip(s) on a SF2 Hyper Fighting B board has to do with the controls- more specifically the Player 1 button. Initially I swapped "A' and C" boards because I didn't know where the chip for controls were located, but narrowed it down to be on the "B" board...
  13. -Ace-

    (FS) GQ-4X4 Programmer + ADP-054 16 bit EPROM adapter

    Brand new, never used GQ PRG-112 GQ-4X V4 (GQ-4X4) Programmer + ADP-054 16 bit EPROM adapter. I went a different direction for my eprom burning needs. Selling for what I paid for it, $120 shipped in the U.S. Thanks-
  14. -Ace-

    Sunset Rider from 4 player to 2 player

    OK, so I have a 4 player Sunset Riders pcb that I converted to a 2 player version by burning and swapping 2 eproms at location 8e and 8g. The thing I can't figure out is that I did this for another guy on his 4 player pcb, same eproms I did for mine, but his does not work. Apparently once...
  15. -Ace-

    WTB: Rezon pcb

    Looking for a nice Rezon pcb, thanks-
  16. -Ace-

    WTB: Sega System 32 board

    Really don't care what it is, just want to make a Golden Axe 2 conversion. Thanks for any help-
  17. -Ace-

    -5 volt in Blast City and Super Neo 29

    Can anyone suggest the best way to attain -5 volt in both of these cabinets? Neither of the harnesses have -5 on them, so I am assuming that the power supply doesn't output it? I have a number of pcb's that utilize -5 and sucks that I can't play those in these cabs .Thanks for any advice.
  18. -Ace-

    WANTED: Ghox pcb

    Title say's it all. Wanted one way back when I was collecting and never ran into one, so I will try again. Spinner not necessary.
  19. -Ace-

    Shinobi revival help

    I have a Shinobi pcb that I aquired and am assuming has died. I am still awaiting the arrival of my adaptor. In the meantime I was planning on taking care of the battery, etc. I planned on replacing the NEC block with a Z80 and the Hitachi FD1094A with a 68000. Now in all the research I did, the...
  20. -Ace-

    Supergun + jamma harness extender=no audio

    I have one of those Retroelectronik gamer supergun units sold in the UK and for whatever reason, I don’t get audio when the jamma harness is connected on my test bench, but do when I plug the pcb directly into the supergun. I have tried 2 different harnesses with the same result. The harnesses...