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  1. MostroVeneno

    Help cps3 3-7 simms not recognized

    Hey guys, trying to figure out what's wrong with this cps3. Cart superbios and simms work fine on other cps3 mobo. This one doesn't recognize all simms row from 3-7 as the image shows. At least it's powering up and displays video. Is there a particular section or ic's that would handle these...
  2. MostroVeneno

    Positive feedback for GeeDee

    Ok, I wanna make this easy for you, buy/ trade this guy @GeeDee any time any thing, he's a beast, top quality items, perfect package and fast shipping, very good communication and very nice guy, he really made a good deal to me and took care of things asap, couldn't be happier, thanks! This...
  3. MostroVeneno

    Fs: TMNT turtles in time

    Hi there, For sale: Tmnt Turtles in Time pcb Paypal $720 usd + shipping +4% ( due to paypal and country restrictions can´t receiv f&f) I can accept trades.
  4. MostroVeneno

    [ SOLD ] FS: Cps3 Motherboard x2

    Hi there, For sale: Cps3 motherboard rev.3 (The mobo is tested writing 2nd impact simms) Paypal 280usd + shipping +4% ( due to paypal and country restrictions can't accept f&f ) Available 2 units. Pics soon.
  5. MostroVeneno

    FS/ FT: Sega System E

    Hi my friends, For sale Sega System E tetris. :thumbsup: Pcb is in good condition and working (adapter not included), you can ask for images and videos. Asking $720 OBO Make a reasonable Offer or trade + shipping (PM for quote please). PayPal + 4% Available for trades, looking for cps1.5...
  6. MostroVeneno

    Fs: TMNT turtles in time ( SOLD )

    Hey buddies, for sale is Tmnt Turtles in Time. Pcb is in good condition, you can ask for more images and videos if you like. Asking $750 OBO (F&F or +4%) + shipping ( PM for quote please). Also available for trade. Looking mainly cps1.5 and toaplan boards. Thanks...
  7. MostroVeneno

    For trade Capcom, Konami, Namco, Sega pcbs

    Hi my friends, I have these games for trade ( original no conversions unless stated ) If you are interested in a trade we can work something out :thumbsup: Feel free to negotiate with me, 1, 2 or more titles as long as it´s reasonable! Konami - Tmnt Tit SOLD / new one available -...
  8. MostroVeneno

    Final Fight B-Board 89624B roms composition

    Hey Ap friends! I was wondering how this set of final fight ( B-Board 89624B ) came from factory. I have found variations on where the roms sits. ↓ Being the most common arrangement is this one, 4 mask roms in the first column row. ↓Then we have these 2 combination arrangements, 3 or 2...
  9. MostroVeneno

    Tatsujin missing c16 cap

    Hi my Ap Friend, I've got a toaplan tatsujin pcb which lacks a capacitor near the jamma edge. The capacitor in matter is c16 as one of the attached images shows. Can anyone point me what cap goes there to replace it? The game works fine though ?(
  10. MostroVeneno

    Nanao ms9 chassis in ms8-29 Toshiba tube

    Hi my friends, I'm attempting to connect nanao ms9 chassis in ms8-29 Toshiba tube, I dont have ms9 yoke, will this be an issue? Are the results bad or can they pair well ? I aprecciate any help!
  11. MostroVeneno

    PC: Sega System E - Tetris 1985

    Hi my friends! I´d like to check price on this particular board, i know they rarely appear on auctions, so if anyone can give me estimated number range for this particular board I´d apreciate it. Also, i think Apocalipse is working on it for a possible multi among other things of course. :thumbsup:
  12. MostroVeneno

    WTB: Cps1.5 Saturday Night Slam masters / TRADE CPS3, TMNT

    Hi my friends, I´m in the search for Saturday Night Slam masters <3 ( not any other cps1.5 game, dont care for conversion either), i love this game. If anyone wants to Pm me I´d appreciate. I have a cps3 spare to trade for SNSM. - Mother board - Sf3 1impact and rams for this game I don't...
  13. MostroVeneno

    Keyboard to arcade

    Hi! I'm wondering if there's a way to connect a keyboard to arcade jamma to play with. I've a friend who uses keyboard to play fighting games online. I'd love to be able to connect one to the arcade. The only thing i can think of is if @undamned ud decoder accepted a kind of generic keyboard...
  14. MostroVeneno

    Wei-ya 2228h no power

    Hi my friends, I was trying to adjust this chassis in astro city cab, and was working uncomfortable without space. While i thought i was dialing the v.lin pot i was cranking the VR pot ( Voltage regulator? B+ adj? ) and .......does not power anymore. The chassis beeps intermittent, i think the...
  15. MostroVeneno

    Astro City monitor nanao ms8 no blue signal

    Hi my friends, I recently got my first candy cab, a sega astro city, and i have been working on restore it, mostly aesthetically. The thing is when powering the cab (as the title says) im not getting blue signal on the monitor. Can anyone give some advice on how to proceed? can be the harness...
  16. MostroVeneno

    WTB: Irem Major Title II

    Hi my friends! As the title says I´m looking for Irem Major Title II. I can trade cps2/ cps3 stuff/ new nintendo 3ds xl / also other consoles & consoles games. If anyone knows or wants to pm me about this pcb please don´t hesitate! Best regards.
  17. MostroVeneno

    PC: Lots of pcbs - Cps3, Cps2, Out run, undercover cops, elevator action returns

    Hi my friends! I want to check the price for this pcbs, if you can help. - Cps3 (x2) - Pcb+ all Simms+ Scsi cable, but no Scsi cd Drive. No Plexi, no Artwork. Can add 1st Impact and or 2nd Impact Cart and Cd. - Cps2 Jap SFZ3 still on Battery, its very very clean. SSF2X Conversion (Phoenix)...
  18. MostroVeneno

    Cps1 faulty A-board

    Hi my friends, I have this Cps1 A-board that displays either black screen or garbage if i press a little on the bottom of the board. I dont know where to start, but maybe to the eye of the expert can point me some directions. From what i tested and can see, the board looks good. Traces and...
  19. MostroVeneno

    [ SOLVED ] Help daimakaimura conversion B- board 90629b-2

    Hi my friends, Recently i could get with this conversion of daimakaimura, its been converted from a Street Fighter 2 World Warrior. Bought it as non working but in fact is working. it shows the game, and the gameplay i think its not corrupt, but displays glitches or misinterpreted ones, no...
  20. MostroVeneno

    WTB: Original CPS3 metal case

    Hi! If someone is willing to sell a spare metal case i will be glad to buy it, also i would buy the scsi cd. Cheers friends!