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  1. BroadwayJose

    WTB: PGM carts

    Checked with Sheep Nova on the availability of these titles but no luck, so here's hoping someone else is looking to part with them. Preferably in the US but I'm flexible depending on shipping costs. I'm looking for the following carts, real or bootleg: Demon Front DDP2 Bee Storm
  2. BroadwayJose

    F3 capture & stream help

    Looking for some tips on how to successfully capture video from the F3. My current capture chain includes an OSSC, which I'm aware has issues with the funky native F3 video signal. I've seen threads and discussions about the VGA hat workaround via HAS but I'm looking to make this work directly...
  3. BroadwayJose

    Found: KOF 2002UM System Board Y2

    As the title states. Not looking for TTX2 version. May also be interested in KOF98UM for PGM2 depending on asking price. Thanks!
  4. BroadwayJose

    System Board Y2 general info

    I'm looking at getting one of these boards and I'm not sure what exactly to expect or which style of arcade cab I should be running this on. Preliminary search for info didn't get me what I was looking for, so hopefully someone here can answer the following questions: Video: 31khz only, 15khz...
  5. BroadwayJose

    WTB Tekken 5.0 disc

    As stated in the title, looking for Tekken 5.0 for System 256. I imagine this should be common but I'm having trouble finding this version for whatever reason, legally or otherwise. Do not need 5.1 or DR, I already have those. Looking for a working disc with or without dongle. Thanks!
  6. BroadwayJose

    Positive feedback for Rtl

    @Rtl recently sold me a System 256 multi setup. Everything came in safe and sound, from halfway around the world. Packaging was well done, communication was easy, turnaround was prompt. Great seller!
  7. BroadwayJose

    F3 monitor issues & audio question

    I have the F3 multi and been trying to run it on an Astro City cabinet running a 15khz monitor. Most of the time I've tried this setup there's been no problem getting the image to sync but lately it's been really inconsistent on the same cabinet and monitor. The screen gets garbled and just...
  8. BroadwayJose

    TTX2 with Capcom JVS IO

    I currently have my TTX2 setup connected via Sega JVS IO. Works fine in my setup but I don't have access to button 6 through the Jamma edge and don't currently have a way to access the extra buttons via CN3 connector. Was hoping to use the Capcom IO instead but the system does not recognize this...
  9. BroadwayJose

    Blast City monitor identification and questions

    A buddy of mine is really new to the hobby and I'm trying to help him out. He recently got 2 Blast City cabs. Tested both out last night and are in working order for the most part. However they are not exactly equal in terms of what came installed inside each cabinet. One of them has a Sanwa...
  10. BroadwayJose

    CPS1 reset issue

    I have a SF2 Hyper Fighting board. Had been running perfectly for about a decade but now goes into a reset by itself once a round starts. This happens both in-game and in the demo. No graphical glitches or audio problems from what I can see and hear. Any suggestions on where to start for...
  11. BroadwayJose

    Sega candy cab lock replacement

    I'm looking to replace the locks on my Astro City and New Versus City with something that doesn't require keys. All my cabs are set up for home use so I'd rather not have to find keys every time I need to get inside the machine. Curious if anyone else has done this and what they used.
  12. BroadwayJose

    Atomiswave stereo cable

    I'm looking for leads on how wire up a stereo cable for the Atomiswave or where to purchase one already made. Would prefer the latter option if at all possible, as I have no idea when I'll be able to get to what I'm assuming would be a small project to complete re: creation of this cable.
  13. BroadwayJose

    WTB: CPS3 64 MB & 128 MB SIMM [FOUND]

    I'm learning that these seem to be hard to find lately. Either way, I'll put this out here just in case. Would need 3x 123 MB and 1x 64 MB. Thanks!
  14. BroadwayJose

    Tekken Tag Tournament - additional buttons

    I just purchased a TTT pcb and realized after the fact that there's 5 buttons for this game (2x punch, 2x kick, 1x tag). How exactly is that handled in a JAMMA setup? I see in pictures that there's an additional spot on the pcb for what looks like an edge connector. Is that there for a "kick"...
  15. BroadwayJose

    WTB/WTT for Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 and misc Atomiswave

    Looking for a working UMK3 board and any worthwhile Atomiswave games. For Atomiswave, bootlegs are fine with me as long as I know that's what they are and there are no major known issues in operation. Mostly fighting games would be the plan here except for KOF Neowave, which I already own. So...
  16. BroadwayJose

    WTB: Marquee holder for Astro City

    I'm looking for 2 of these. No idea what the official part number is but here's a few example of what it looks like in action. Reproductions are also welcome, doesn't matter to me.