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  1. orlandu81

    SOLD: Nintendo Super System dedicated So Cal USA

    THIS IS NOW SOLD I am selling my dedicated Nintendo Super System arcade cabinet. I am out of space and sadly one of my well maintained machines needs to find another home. This cab is in very nice shape and is turnkey ready for your home or commercial arcade. Some minor dings here and there...
  2. orlandu81

    WTB: Capcom Mini-Cute Repro Marquee Holder

    Hello - I believe I remember seeing that someone has reproduced these, I would like 1-2 spares to store away. Can anyone provide his/her contact? I'd like to avoid joining too many forums, hopefully he/she is present on this forum. - David
  3. orlandu81

    WTB: Capcom Impress with Dreamcast CP and/or Capcom Q-25

    Hello Everyone - As the title suggests, I am looking for either a Capcom Impress (with Dreamcast CP) or a Capcom Q-25. Not looking for a project, I would prefer it to be nice and working. While I would prefer to find locally to southern Cal, I am happy to find anywhere in the U.S. I would use...
  4. orlandu81

    WTB: Multiple CPS1 Original Titles

    Hello Everyone - I'm looking to beef up my CPS1 collection and am looking for the following complete A/B/C boards, working, with original ROMs in collector quality condition. If you have any of the below you are willing to sell, send me a PM! - Strider - UN Squadron - Knights of the Round -...
  5. orlandu81

    Pink Capcom Mini-Cute! Just arrived last week from Sweden

    Cross posting from KLOV - This beauty arrived last week after sitting in customs for a week. You are looking at an extremely rare original minty Capcom Mini-Cute cabinet (in coveted pink) made for little kids in Japan. It is super tiny! Normal sized 6 year old in the last photo shown for scale...
  6. orlandu81

    Hello from San Clemente CA

    Hello Everyone - I'm new to this forum, and am already stressing out the Darksoft guys (Sorry!) I hope to contribute to this forum and learn more things about my two Candy Cabs. -orlandu81
  7. orlandu81

    SOLVED! Darksoft Kit installed - not working please help

    Hello everyone - I have seen the thread here: Please help: Could not figure out why my CPS2 Darksoft kit not working That person has a similar problem to me, so I will perform these steps as well when I get home. Can you please take a look at my photos and see if there is anything else that...