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    Your CPS2 Setup

    Just thought I'd share this CPS2 Multi sticker I made for myself a while back in case someone else wanted to use it. It's inspired by the SSF2X label. I haven't printed it out for myself yet but it should be OK. I included 2 versions, one darker than the other. :) :thumbup...
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    JVS Emulator

    I don't know, I just saw the diagram in the JVS pdf and thought I would include the component footprints just in case. ^^
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    JVS Emulator

    Here's V1.1, the main difference is that now it uses the 26-pin header for compatibility with older model Raspberry Pi. Everything is included in the zip. Hope it helps! :thumbsup:
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    JVS Emulator

    Hello, I felt like having a go at designing the Raspberry Pi HAT. It was my first time making an organized schematic and also using 3D modeling so it was a good learning experience! ^^ I included the schematic, Gerber and EAGLE project files in the zip. I understand that it's useless for now...
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    Fast IO questions, connectors

    Friend, all the info is on the 1st page of this thread. Have a look at this picture. :thumbup:
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    Fast IO questions, connectors

    Are you sure? from
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    Got myself a Taito Type X I/O card, what's next?

    Ah OK I see. Wish I could be more help but I sold my X2's a long time ago. I just know that Device Manager is devmgmt.msc in the system32 folder. Have you tried dropping a copy of cmd.exe into the Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup folder? I'm sure you'll sort it out eventually! :thumbsup:
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    Got myself a Taito Type X I/O card, what's next?

    Sorry if it sounds super obvious to you already, but did you try changing the COM port number in Device Manager? Other than that, I wouldn't have a clue! :D
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    Got myself a Taito Type X I/O card, what's next?

    Nice work! :thumbup: :thumbup: Are you going to use RJ45 & USB breakout boards internally? I was going to do something similar but decided to go a different route (just installed the PCIe IDMAC board inside my gaming desktop instead).
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    Consolized Taito Type X

    Wow, that's an amazing job you did. You put a LOT of work into that! Holy smokes! 8o 8o :thumbup: I had the same idea in mind with my X3 but I'm in no rush to complete it. I noticed you used a dual slot PCI bracket for your DB15 controller ports, was that on purpose or did you not have a...
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    Taito Type X Family Discussion/ Information Thread

    I'm guessing TOP: JTAG header BOTTOM: S/PDIF iirc :thumbup:
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    sale cancel - Hyper Street Fighter Anniversary $350

    Agree with everyone who says the US version is harder. It's the reason I replaced my all in one JP HSF2 board in favor of a US conversion, much more fun to play. ^^
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    Questions that don't deserve threads

    Maybe it's LTC1098 Micropower Sampling 8-Bit Serial I/O A/D Converters ?(
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    Got myself a Taito Type X I/O card, what's next?

    No worries. 5V is pin 4, GND is pin 7. I wired them to a Molex connector but there are other ways to power the board. EDIT: You can double check continuity with the SP485 chip where Pin 8 is 5V & Pin 5 is GND.
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    Got myself a Taito Type X I/O card, what's next?

    Unfortunately, looks like that mobo is missing the header for the serial port. You can try connecting it to the serial port on the back panel instead. Then you'll just need to power the board, the 11 pin cable is normally connected to the Front Panel header but you only need to connect the 5V...
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    Your CPS2 Setup

    Beautiful mod! That's unfortunate that the LCD doesn't fit in the front of the case as that spot seems ideal. I don't own a Multi but perhaps shaving down the LCD PCB would make it fit, or maybe it could be replaced by a smaller LCD module if it exists.
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    my capcom cps1 32n1

    Nothing short of amazing! :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:
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    Yet another game selector for ST-V Multi (Atmega8 based)

    I don't own an ST-V but it was a very nice read. :thumbsup:
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    A Freeware Taito TypeX2 Multigame.

    I read somewhere, a long time ago, that the Sega Type 1 I/O wasn't compatible with the TTX so I never bothered to test it out until recently. At first, the game recognized the I/O board but not the inputs. Then I read a tip from andygeezer on AO: tried it with SSFIV and it worked! :D
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    Street Fighter Alpha 3 secret codes don't work on the multi

    Thanks for the reply. Being able to see the hitboxes in SF2:HF via dipswitch was very cool and it would've been neat to have that in SSF2X / HSF2 as well. I saw a video of your training mode version, great stuff! :thumbup: