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  1. caius

    [SOLVED] X-Men 2P Conversion & Sound Module Help

    After converting the board from 4 to 2 Players you must re-initialize the serial EEPROM @13B by holding the test switch while powering the board up and keep pressing down it as long as the whole process has ended. Attached is the capacitors chart of the '054544' audio module.
  2. caius

    ZN1 Bios board arrives!

    Brilliant job but you had a slip on that tongue twister! ahahahah
  3. caius

    Mega Tech Cartridges conversion to another game

    I know you have the solution but you were referring to Hammy and the 27020 dumping so I gave a pertinent answer.Again, he can't dump it with this method :)
  4. caius

    Mega Tech Cartridges conversion to another game

    Sadly it's not easy as you may think.This PLD, altough it's a PAL16L8, uses internal latches (also combinatorial devices can have this configuration) hence every attempt of dumping it as a 27020 will EPROM fail (like it happened to other people me including).A deep analysis/observation of the...
  5. caius

    ZN1 Bios board arrives!

    Is this Tecmo ROM board requiring the BIOS board to properly work?
  6. caius

    ZN1 Bios board arrives!

    Great stuff!I'm glad (and uplifted too) I got the measurement right!
  7. caius

    Namco '6xA1' reproduction final revision

    Some time ago I designed a device that can replaces all the three Namco MCUs marked '60A1' , '63A1' and '64A1', you can read more about in my previous post : Namco '6xA1' replacement The replacement was working fine but I later realized that it could not fit well on certain boards due to its...
  8. caius

    Irem 'M72-ROM-C' board reproduction

    The ROM board is the easieast one, the middle and bottom ones are tough.You may think to reproduce the bootleg which is already a reproduction of original hardware with reversed custom ICs but there is no point in doing it unless you use FPGA.
  9. caius

    Irem 'M72-ROM-C' board reproduction

    Here's another reproduction I made lately.This time not of a custom IC but an entire board, more exactly the top one (silkscreened 'M-72-ROM-C') from R-Type, the horizontal-scrolling shooter arcade game developed and released by Irem in 1987 and running on 'M-72' hardware. I tried to stay as...
  10. caius

    P-47 - The Freedom Fighter repair log and Jaleco 'JK-01' - 'JK-02' reproduction

    Yes, this is a common issue on Mega System 1 hardware.The 'JK-03' bend very easily but keep in mind that only a row of legs is connected to the internal circuit, the other one is just for support.
  11. caius

    P-47 - The Freedom Fighter repair log and Jaleco 'JK-01' - 'JK-02' reproduction

    Got for repair a faulty original 'P-47 - The Freedom Fighter' PCB, an horizontal shooter originally developed by NMK and published by Jaleco in 1988 running on Mega System 1 hardware : The board was dead, no sign of life, only a steady black screen.First of all I checked with a logic probe if...
  12. caius

    Konami '051550' reproduction final revision

    Just a quick update about the reproduction of the Konami '051550' custom IC I made time ago : Konami '051550' reproduction The replacement is working fine but, when I did it, I intentionally omitted a part of the original circuit that handles the coin counters/lockouts and gave priority to the...
  13. caius

    Fighting Hawk TC0220IOC

    Sorry but you can't simply by-pass it in this way :) A replacement of the TC0220IOC in on my TO-DO list and I have done some preliminary work, stay tuned!
  14. caius

    Konami '056602' reproduction

    The Konami '056602' is another ceramic audio module along the lines of the more well known '05498A' and '054544.You can find it on 'GX' and 'GV' system hardware : Konami GX System Konami GV System It's located in the audio section just near the main amplifier : As said, the part has a...
  15. caius

    An other MegaPlay motherboard, missing IC33 (PAL16L8, ref. 315-5654)

    Sadly the dump we have on JAMMArcade is not working because the device is combinatorial but has latches inside and the original dumper didn't know this.Therefore it must be manually reversed.If someone can provide us the chip we can try to reverse it.
  16. caius

    SNK P.O.W. daughter board missing + rom size

    Typical GFX issue on this board, see this repair log of mine :
  17. caius

    Buy your Konami Reproduction Sound Modules (©Caius) here!

    We are already in contact, thanks.
  18. caius

    STR-S3115 datasheet (+WTB)

    Yes, I know.Lately they ship only via couriers but I can say I had good experience with UTSOURCE, especially for hard to find components.You may think to add other parts to the order.
  19. caius

    STR-S3115 datasheet (+WTB)
  20. caius

    STR-S3115 datasheet (+WTB)

    I managed to find only the internal block of the STR-S3115, I don't know if it can be useful to you though. AliExpress carries it but I don't know if we can trust, there are a lot of counterfeit/fake/remarked ICs around...