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  1. Alex

    Hyper SF2 AE (USA) goes to black screen

    I love the multi, everything works really really great. When I played HyperSF2 USA-Version (played with Ken) the screen went black all of a sudden in the middle of a fight. It was not just the video-signal, the sound and everything else was also gone. I rebooted and the game came up again, the...
  2. Alex

    CPS2-Multi Firmware Update Service (Germany)

    I just bought the programmer and I'd like to offer FREE Firmware-Update-Services for anybody who can send his kit to me. I'm located in Cologne, Germany, so I guess this is more for the german, austrian and swiss folks here... Please ask for my shipping address via PM. When sending your pcb...
  3. Alex

    FS: Neo Geo AES Carts

    I have some japanese AES carts for sale. I'll add more titles, pictures, prices and detailed descriptions later. I'm located in Cologne, Germany, pickup is possible. I accept PayPal (please add 2% to cover for fees). Shipping cost depends on your location, I'll use DHL with tracking. World...
  4. Alex

    Alex aka ArcadeTV

    A little introduction about me... I'm Alex, known as ArcadeTV around the net, located in Cologne-Bay, Germany, I got into collecting Arcade Cabs when the first ArcadeVGA from Ultimarc came out around 2000/2001. Back then I had no technical background, I'm a webdeveloper and things like...
  5. Alex

    I'd love to see a tutorial for security-cart modding

    I have 3 security-carts for cps3, 2 modded with std-sh2 and bios but not working, 1 untouched sf3.2 cart. I'd love to see a thread with all the infos and files needed to end up with a working superBios-cart ^^
  6. Alex

    Found this interesting MVS Garou-Repro-PCB from China

    I was lucky and got my hands on this chinese MVS repro-cart. The PCB is very small which would dramatically cut down production costs once someone figures out the code on the 2 CPLDs ^^ wink @Darksoft my project-idea would be to reproduce these. I made some scans after I cleaned the...
  7. Alex

    Vote on the Name of the Cartridge

    Here's the complete list of submissions. I added a poll for every entry that got a like from @Darksoft. Since Pablo is the head here, I'd say he shall include any name that he likes to the poll. The poll-software can handle up to 20 entries and I don't want to be the one to make any final...