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  1. synbiosfan

    Repair my Daimakaimura please!

    I switched my power hungry Ghosts and Goblins for Daimakaimura forgetting to lower the power. It got 5.32 for about 5 seconds and now never has sounds, sometimes won't boot (garbled graphics), boots with graphic issues. That's about the extent of my trouble shooting abilities so I really need...
  2. synbiosfan

    1-15 Great SOLVED

    16 and up won't load??? I was moving my ST-V, my sd fell out (everything worked) and I downloaded the latest set. Now I can't load anything after Golden Axe. I downloaded the latest rom pack a couple of times, reformatted the 8gb sd each time. Not sure what to try next. I've tried Firefox...
  3. synbiosfan

    No SD card detected

    I've tried multiple sd cards and nothing. :/ EDIT Sent Mitsu a pm. EDIT I'm such an idiot. This particular issue is mentioned in smokemonster's rom pack OP.
  4. synbiosfan

    Powering up A board only

    Hey guys I just added 6 buttons for each player on my CPS2 cab. I had to send Mitsurugi-w my Multi (cause I'm a dumbass) and the B boards I have use one or two buttons. If I power it on without a B board, will I be able to test the buttons or fry anything or get a blank screen?
  5. synbiosfan

    Can someone come up with artwork for the Multi

    There's a lot of people who are gifted in artwork so start thinking! New multi cartridge labels, manuals, marquees, etc. I'd love to see what you guys come up with :thumbsup: MS, KOF, Puzzle Bobble... No Riding Heroes, that's already done 8)
  6. synbiosfan

    Hello from Auburn Hills!

    Hey everyone! I use synbiosfan on various forums so if you recognize the name it's me. I already have the ST-V multi and a CPS2 coming soon.