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  1. 8bitforlife

    Konami Windy 2 power supply help

    My windy2 is still down from group buy. I am trying to get the psu up and running iv purchased 2 of the parts brand new for them but third part is back ordered six weeks There's a board inside it that nobody knows what it does my friend took all the diodes off it. I desperately need pictures of...
  2. 8bitforlife

    rodo 666 mod need help

    Has anyone preformed the mod to a rodo or weiya chassis to have a switch for 15hz and 31hz to fix the compression on the side. @XianXi and I have been trying to figure it out but the wiki is garbage on instructions. If anyone has preformed this mod we could use some pictures or info to clarify...
  3. 8bitforlife

    WTB Battletoads

    WTB Battletoads one of the last couple on my list of beatem ups also need moo mesa and metamorphic but ill start with battletoads first
  4. 8bitforlife

    after a year of waiting i got my chassis i ordered from a company and they sent the wrong one looking to trade

    I needed a replacement for my egret3 weiya monitor so i ordered a 666a 27in rodo form a company. its a billabs 666a 25inch single focus trisync. I needed a rodo tri sync 27/29 dual focus. So if anyone has a chassis thats been shopped and ready for trade let me know. I am not sure i want to deal...
  5. 8bitforlife

    Sega blast city psu parts question

    ok i know theres a caps list for the psu but would anyone have a list or links or the 7 hots all the way around it?
  6. 8bitforlife

    Arcade pcb box labels project 8x2in

    Ok im have some boxes now and i ordered 7 more. I went to pull out bubble bobble and the brown credit card ic was snapped off so that was the last straw. finally got off my ass and I am creating labels in gimp. I wih i could feather erase edges but I havent figured it out yet. The pictures are...
  7. 8bitforlife

    Positive Feedback for Ekorz

    Bought some coins came quick in good shape.
  8. 8bitforlife

    Wanted Brezzasoft Crystal System motherboard and sky shark

    Wanted Brezzasoft Crystal System motherboard and sky shark Thanks i could use the help
  9. 8bitforlife

    Looking for someone in LA and rest of cali to do some arcade cab work.

    I need someone in LA that can fix my glass on Madonna and also need someone who can take the cp housing clean off old graphic and apply vynl. Also need someone I can send my cocktail wiring and psu to with gameboard to see wtf is wrong with it i cant figure it out.
  10. 8bitforlife

    WTB Sega Aero City Coin Bucket Door

    WTB Sega Aero City Coin Bucket Door I am in need of one. I bought one from yaton already but i didnt realize they welded lock guards on the other one.
  11. 8bitforlife

    Out of a job Got off my ass fix my 2 Aero City project.

    Hello I am finally starting my 2 Aero City project cabs. List of what needs to be done. Get cp harness's Get rid of rust with Krud remover Repair cp outer housing as its a rust fest. Drill locks out Fix wiring Patch lock holes Grind off security lock guard leave paint as is or repaint cabs. (...
  12. 8bitforlife

    Nanao ms2933 yoke chassis plate and parts

    ok I had someone buy a tube in japan. Was a 2933 tube. Was working and I thought they were going to send me chassis yoke rings basically everything but tube. Only got the chassis with no plate vga/rgb cable with mounting plate and no yoke. I am really gutted severely. Would anyone have a...
  13. 8bitforlife

    Anyone with ninja gaiden and a nanao 2930

    ninja gaiden asks weird as it does fill out sides unless adjust pot on chassis. Anyone else have this problem? ?(
  14. 8bitforlife

    Proper way to wire a ls-30 in a egret 2?

    hi I'm trying to figure out how to properly wire a snk ls-30 rotary sticks in an e2. I got 2 of those rotary condenser boards. Do I need to tap the joystick into the player 1 and 2 connection or just run wiring from the 2 connections on pcb to joystick? I also noticed the joysticks have micro...
  15. 8bitforlife

    Need a Konami 053247A to fix buckyohare can anyone help?

    Need a Konami 053247A to fix buckyohare can anyone help?
  16. 8bitforlife

    SNES 1 chip-03 nodded by jnx

    I have 1 snes 1Chip-03 modded by jnx. Well update post with pictures when I get home. Asking 150
  17. 8bitforlife

    Rose colored gaming collectors edition zelda sealed and Terranigma open

    hi I have some Rose Colored Gaming collectors edition zelda sealed games for sale. Goddess of Wisdom and Parallel Worlds 400 for set. Terranigma opened 150
  18. 8bitforlife

    PC on complete in box gba games

    I need to sell my gba games so I need an honest opinion on a price check for these games in picture.
  19. 8bitforlife

    Looking for aero panel

    looking for aero panel I dont care of condition.
  20. 8bitforlife

    Moonwalker pcb plays blind

    ok sent a moonwalker pcb to my friend to recap. It must of arrived damaged as theres no picture but can hear sound. His moonwalker plays fine. Would anyone tell me what might be wrong and show in picture were to possibly look for problem