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  1. caius

    Namco '6xA1' reproduction final revision

    Some time ago I designed a device that can replaces all the three Namco MCUs marked '60A1' , '63A1' and '64A1', you can read more about in my previous post : Namco '6xA1' replacement The replacement was working fine but I later realized that it could not fit well on certain boards due to its...
  2. caius

    Irem 'M72-ROM-C' board reproduction

    Here's another reproduction I made lately.This time not of a custom IC but an entire board, more exactly the top one (silkscreened 'M-72-ROM-C') from R-Type, the horizontal-scrolling shooter arcade game developed and released by Irem in 1987 and running on 'M-72' hardware. I tried to stay as...
  3. caius

    P-47 - The Freedom Fighter repair log and Jaleco 'JK-01' - 'JK-02' reproduction

    Got for repair a faulty original 'P-47 - The Freedom Fighter' PCB, an horizontal shooter originally developed by NMK and published by Jaleco in 1988 running on Mega System 1 hardware : The board was dead, no sign of life, only a steady black screen.First of all I checked with a logic probe if...
  4. caius

    Konami '051550' reproduction final revision

    Just a quick update about the reproduction of the Konami '051550' custom IC I made time ago : Konami '051550' reproduction The replacement is working fine but, when I did it, I intentionally omitted a part of the original circuit that handles the coin counters/lockouts and gave priority to the...
  5. caius

    Konami '056602' reproduction

    The Konami '056602' is another ceramic audio module along the lines of the more well known '05498A' and '054544.You can find it on 'GX' and 'GV' system hardware : Konami GX System Konami GV System It's located in the audio section just near the main amplifier : As said, the part has a...
  6. caius

    Toaplan 'GXL-02' reproduction

    The 'GXL-02' is a custom chip (in DIP42 package) found on most Toaplan arcade PCBs but you'll never encounter it with this part name but instead differently marked.Here's an overview : "FDA MN53007T0A" on Hell Fire, Out Zone, Fire Shark : ‘TOAPLAN-02 M70H005" on Truxton/Tatsujin ...
  7. caius

    Untested/faulty PCBs for sale (some very rare!)

    I'm selling on behalf of a friend some untested/faulty PCBs.Paymnet by PayPal "Family and Friends" or bank wire.Shipping from Italy with different methods at your choice. Untested Amidar.Board is manufactrured by Olympia so it uses a proprietary pinout and not the Konami Classics - 150 euro...
  8. caius

    Time Soldiers repair log and 'ALPHA-INPUT84/87' reproduction

    Bought on eBay from the States a Time Soldiers PCB which arrived to me some days ago (by the way, thanks to 'coolmod' for his mediation and forwarding) : Auction described the board as “TESTED NOT WORKING-GARBAGE ON SCREEN-MISSING CHIP” The missing chip was actually one of four program ROMs...
  9. caius

    Sega '315-5242' reproduction

    The '315-5242' is a custom IC used on some Sega arcade systems : System C/C2 System 18/24/32 System X System Y It's basically a video DAC connected to the color RAMs, which provides analog outputs for driving a monitor.It accomplishes also some special functions like making the video output...
  10. caius

    Toaplan 'HK-1000' reproduction final revision

    As many of you may know I made some time ago a reprodution of the 'HK-1000', a custom IC used on some PCBs manufactured by Toaplan : Toaplan ‘HK-1000’ reproduction The replacement was welcomed by arcade enthusiasts and collectors who used it to repair faulty boards but actually it was not a...
  11. caius

    Data East 'VSC30' reproduction

    Some time ago I had for repair an original Bogey Manor PCB by Technos (but running on Data East hardware).I was able to fix the board but I had to replace the custom IC marked 'VSC30 with a same one taken from a donor board, you can read the whole story in my repair log : Bogey Manor repair log...
  12. caius

    Toaplan 'GXL-01' reproduction

    My reproduction work continues with a new chapter.This time I took into account the custom IC used on some Toaplan/Taito PCBs.Silkscreening under it says 'GXL-01' : But you can find it with different labels.On Wardner/Pyros it's 'WT1' : 'T.T.1' on Twin Cobra/Kyuukyoku Tiger : 'L-01' on...
  13. caius

    WTB : Salamander and Bubble Bobble original PCBs

    I'm looking for original Salamander and Bubble Bobble PCBs, also faulty ones are fine.Thanks.
  14. caius

    Namco '6xA1' reproduction

    Here's my last reproduction of a custom IC, or better, this is a 3-in-1 replacement of the Namco MCUs marked '60A1', '63A1' and '64A1'. They are mostly the same part with identical package (DIP40) and pinout but they are not interchangeable. '60A1' found on Pac-Land, Dragon Buster...
  15. caius

    Reviving suicided Gaelco PCBs : The Right Way

    Someone asked me in the past to explain how to properly desuicide other Gaelco games than the usual World Rally so here we go : Credits to Peter Wilhelmsen and Morten Shearman Kirkegaard (R.I.P) for their...
  16. caius

    FS : FM-TOWNS Marty FDD adapter

    For sale adapters designed by me to connect an HxC floppy emulator (or a real 3-MODE floppy drive) to the Fujitsu FM-Towns Marty (1 and 2) console.Price is 30 euro for each unit, limited quantity available.The sale doesn't include the floppy and power cables needed to connect the adapter to HxC...
  17. caius

    Caius arcade sales *****New Neo Geo cart lot added*****

    All items here for sale have been tested as fully working and will be tested again prior shipping, I will provide video as proof on demand.All prices don't include shipping, this will be apart with method of your choice (normal or expedited).Payment with PayPal or other method you prefer. Lot...
  18. caius

    Konami 054986A chip by Caius

    THIS IS A REPRODUCTION PROJECT MADE BY @caius ALL INFORMATION HAS BEEN POSTED WITH HIS PERMISION. CREDIT AND MERIT GOES TO HIM. Raise your hand those of you, arcade enthusiasts/colectors, who have never dealt with the Konami ‘054986A’ and ‘054544’ audio modules?I think none… This little...
  19. caius

    Hello from Caius

    Hi, it's Caius here, arcade/electronics addicted!I hope to have a good stay here.