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  1. djsheep

    MDP-XP Mini PSU

    Thought this device looks pretty cool, could be useful for some of you out there: View:
  2. djsheep

    Ultimate Ecology Spinner PCB

    Saw this PCB which looked interesting. Looks like it activates the "rolling" function on Ultimate Ecology and allows you to use a basic spinner.
  3. djsheep

    LAI (Australian) Neo Geo 4-Slot: Repro LED Light Panels: Install Advice?

    Anyone here have any success or tips on installing the repro LED light panels on a LAI 4-Slot? I'm unsure what kit to buy from here: as my cab doesn't really seem to line up with the install instructions, nor is there a wood panel / PCBs...
  4. djsheep

    WTB/WTT: Age of Heroes: Silk Road 2, Battletoads // WTB: Metal Slug 6

    Wanted to Buy: Atomiswave: Metal Slug 6 (bootleg or original) Wanted to Buy or Trade: Age of Heroes: Silk Road 2 PCB (Unico) Battletoads PCB (Rare) Willing to trade items from my trade list for these two: Cheers!
  5. djsheep

    Dishwashing PCBs

    Helpful post with lots of info and recommended products, regarding cleaning PCBs:
  6. djsheep

    SIMM Writing Service -- TL86_PLUS / Proman Programming

    With the newly released CPS-3 ULTRASIMMS, I anticipate there will be a need to have a solid group of trusted people in the community, in all parts of the world, willing to write the 6 x SIMMS for other users (basically you'll need a TL86_PLUS/ProMan programmer, adapters, experience, and spare...
  7. djsheep

    SOLD: CPS-3 Full Set of SIMMS, SuperBIOS cart and SCSI2SD

    I’ll start the 2020/21 CPS-3 OG SIMM exodus off. This full set is suitable for anyone with a CPS-3 motherboard who wants to stick to one game (eg. a dedicated SF3S), or doesn’t mind waiting (40 mins) to load another game. 4 x 128MB SIMMS (2 original, 2 Darksoft repro) 2 x 64MB SIMMS (original)...
  8. djsheep

    Open Source NeoVGA

    Open Source courtesy of @Hatsune Mike --
  9. djsheep

    Positive feedback PascalP

    +1 Positive feedback for @PascalP -- bought a couple of nice control panels off him. He shipped promptly and packed them in the largest box I've ever received (it *JUST* fits in the boot of my car). Unfortunately the panels suffered some damage on the way over, but we're sorting it out with the...
  10. djsheep

    NeoBiosMasta 2020 Version

    I like the colour scheme of this PCB: An even easier way to install a Modbios on MV-1B and MV-1C systems.
  11. djsheep

    WTB: Leisure Line Magazine (18 Issues Left)

    I know it's a bit of a long shot, but I'm after the following 18 issues of Australian Arcade Trade Magazine, Leisure Line to complete my collection of the mags from the 90's. Also interested in any issues prior to 1990 and issues of TZM (Time Zone Magazine). 1990 (2): January, May 1991 (7)...
  12. djsheep

    Shogun Neo Geo Supergun

    I like the name:
  13. djsheep

    “Classic” JAMMA adapter repository?

    I’m looking for a classic Capcom to JAMMA adapter. I was wondering if there’s a repository of these adapters? I’d like to download the design and fab my own if possible?
  14. djsheep

    Positive Feedback for Everten

    Just received one of his ST-V stereo/kick PCBs, can say that quality of his gear is top notch... great effort for his first PCB. Really fits perfectly!
  15. djsheep

    Positive Feedback: Aldo /

    Bought some Cave Box Protectors and some JAMMA adapters. Shipping was super fast by UPS, arrived to Australia in Just a few days and everything was packed extremely well. Can't recommend him enough.
  16. djsheep

    Positive Feedback: sheep_nova

    Positive feedback for @sheep_nova. Purchased an AW Dolphin Blue cart and motherboard and everything was received as expected. I did have a problem with my CPS-1 motherboard, but as usual he sorted it out for my without any hassle. My favourite eBay seller from China, definitely one of the good...
  17. djsheep

    DJ Sheep’s Trade List

    Here's a list / gallery of things I have for TRADE ONLY. They're all items from my own collection that I'm willing to let go of should the right opportunity present itself. There's nothing I'm "actively" hunting at the moment, but I will update this post should that change. However, I'll glady...
  18. djsheep

    Is making a conversion of CPS-2 Progear with SIMMS possible?

    I have the daughterboard and SIMMS (2 x 32mb and 2 x 64mb) from a Puzz Loop 2 CPS-2 set which are the same (I believe) that was used for Progear. I was wondering if there's any (simple?) was possible to use this to create a Progear stack that uses the expansion board and memory and maybe an...
  19. djsheep

    SOLD: Kingdom Grandprix (Raizing) PCB

    Just got this PCB a few days ago and it's not really my style so I'm moving it on. Plays perfectly. Nice clean original Japanese PCB with ROM stickers in-tact and minimal wear. In no real rush to move it, and will accept trades also. 700 USD / 612 EURO + Shipping Payment accepted in...
  20. djsheep

    aje_fr CPS-1 Multi v2.2b and v3: Comparison, Differences and Testing

    I spent a good 8 hours yesterday thoroughly testing two versions of the @aje_fr CPS-1 Multi. Version 2.2b is off to @Frank_fjs and I'll keep v3. Thanks to @Bonky and @neoretro75 for getting these to me. Here are the findings of my testing: HARDWARE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN v2.2b and v3 B-21 Chip...