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  1. Gakman

    Rebuilding power supplies - can anyone give me quick rundown?

    I had a defective resistor on an Astro PSU with bad 12V. But can't remember which one, sorry.
  2. Gakman

    FS: Gamecube Component (YUV) cable

    I've seen some in Japanese electro shops. Perhaps can you buy one with a proxy if you need it ? For vendest, this D-term cable is a nice upgrade for GameCube, and hard to find these days !
  3. Gakman

    [PC/FS] Nerae Super Goal for STV + trackball

    Very good package ! (Received)
  4. Gakman

    Lindbergh SSD replacement

    I can check, need just a bit of time. Please send me a PM in a weeek if I don't answer, because I can forget :D .
  5. Gakman

    [PC/FS] Nerae Super Goal for STV + trackball

    No idea of price, but I'd like to buy !
  6. Gakman

    Hello from Paris, France

    Bienvenue !
  7. Gakman

    LA Machine Guns / Gunblade gun wiring question

    I mix with last cabinet with pivot guns I fixed, was a Alien 3, sorry. Same kind of gun but with a button for grenade. I know motor and chassis are the same, since I think I've use a motor and internal rumbling system from a LA MG or GB NY to repair one Alien 2 gun. Long time ago. EDIT ...
  8. Gakman

    LA Machine Guns / Gunblade gun wiring question

    Ground wires go to metal parts of the gun (chassis). No really needed, just security, as you have ground wires to metal doors or panels in cabinets. The gun is easy to open. First take off the handle, and after a few screws and you can take off half of plastic of the gun. ANd if you unscrew the...
  9. Gakman

    Let's Go Jungle Special

    Good to know for RAM upgrade. I will try. For LGJS, I'm not 100% sure (it's long time ago) but I think only one screen, not the 2 in the same time.
  10. Gakman

    Ghost Squad Evolution I/O

    In my original Ghost Squad Cabinet (Chihiro, not Evo), I have a type 2.
  11. Gakman

    French living in CA

    Bienvenue !
  12. Gakman

    Let's Go Jungle Special

    Yes please, I'm very interested.
  13. Gakman

    SOLD: TMNT Turtles in Time

    I'm interested but can you ship to France ?
  14. Gakman

    Let's Go Jungle Special

    If I remeber well, playing it long time ago in Japan, Special version use uzis guns instead of pivot guns and 2 opposite screens with a charriot that turn back 180° one to the other. The 2 screens are just alive one at the time.
  15. Gakman


    10 for me please, too.
  16. Gakman

    Naomi Maple Adapters Available from Mitsurugi-w

    The microphone adapter is the same that come with Planet Ring, except you have a wire to the mic and not directly plugged in it. The PCB part is I think the same than in a DC controller (but not full, like in arcade sticks or others).
  17. Gakman

    Custom JVS I/O - MEGA JVS

    And when can we buy you some of your MEGA JVS? ;)