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  1. ReplicaX

    Blast and Astro city projects

    Aye, I recommend just snagging a mini RCA switcher if you don't want to swap RCAs between stereo and mono.
  2. ReplicaX

    NGDEV - What are they thinking?

    Then ignore him. He didn't start anything and you took it upon yourself to start drama as you still hold a grudge. @Darksoft Plus rereading his FS link I interpret as him showing they are out there for sale.
  3. ReplicaX

    NGDEV - What are they thinking?

    Cart shell, pcb runs, packaging, and printing costs. It all adds up and its for an audience much smaller than the official titles.
  4. ReplicaX

    NGDEV - What are they thinking?

    They control their release and reprint quantities. They have always been this way, especially with a niche system. As far as the fine details, I have no idea. You are better off buying used if you really want them.
  5. ReplicaX

    Pre-Order For Capcom Mini Cute Production

    Many of us here are just trying to give fair warning to buyers on here regarding specific details and experience. It is by no means to derail a project. Folks can make their own decisions with their money. For example, not once have I made a comment about @hursit product, it is a huge...
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    Pre-Order For Capcom Mini Cute Production

    All I am going to say. In the Industry, there is a reason why we scraped all D Series monitors when they died in their dedicated cabs. These dedicated cabs did not run 15k games. The lack of QC, poor soldering, crappy components, and horrible sync circuit is why. They were the downfall of Wells...
  7. ReplicaX

    FAST IO accessory board question

    Thank you for the clarification Jassin. No ill will intended. My point on the stepping it down a notch is you very well know how excited ppl get when they get their first cab. You can give them all the advice in the world beforehand, but things will get overlooked. At least @slevin has the...
  8. ReplicaX

    FAST IO accessory board question

    There are plenty of folks that never got the I/O they requested from KC. PSUs missing, joystick mounts, and more. At least this guy is local and can try and work it out. Step it down a notch, the guy is new.
  9. ReplicaX

    Mortal Kombat Question

    Looks like a mini circuit breaker. Does it have a marquee light that turns on or is it completely off? I'd start by checking the circuit breaker with a MM. If its ok, check for 12v, 5v, -5v, on the output of the PSU.
  10. ReplicaX

    Project Zorch/Martensite

    So in other words, science is wrong? I know its not your field of expertise. However, please read up on airborne transmission. Specifically, in the last few days alone with COVID-19 and you will understand how important masks are. Ppl need to stop being political when it comes to a Pandemic...
  11. ReplicaX

    Good source for D9200 flybacks?

    They are hard to come by as most D9200s have been converted to LCD. Especially on sitdown driving which a lot of them were in. Either OPs are holding onto them or literally threw them in the trash out of frustration as they were unreliable chassis. Gonna have to be patient honestly or ask around.
  12. ReplicaX

    Pre-Order For Capcom Mini Cute Production

    Then you are asking for problems and risk of shock. Without an isolation transformer on a required monitor: You are basically running a HOT Chassis. The tube and frame will have 120v through it. With a Hot chassis, you have the potential to accidentally send 120v through your RGB-Sync cable and...
  13. ReplicaX

    Midway stick replacement question - UMK 3

    Too add to the history as well. All Midway cabs had IL Eurostick contracted and rebranded "HAPP competitions" stock from Midway. When HAPP dropped the contract and acquired SUZO, they made everything out of the SUZO Toy plant to save on costs. By doing this, they degraded their product without...
  14. ReplicaX

    Pre-Order For Capcom Mini Cute Production

    YES YOU NEED AN ISO. THESE SHOULD BE AC WIRED FOR A FULL GROUND AS WELL FOR THE ISO. Otherwise, the ISO is a paperweight. I am getting tired of wannabe monitor experts on here. WG4600s were mentioned and the confusion is that frame is used for the interface board and needs to be properly...
  15. ReplicaX

    Pre-Order For Capcom Mini Cute Production

    It's a joke, don't take everything so seriously. Example: "Ppl are in more need than you are of that Cute. It is a perfect size Baby Locker."
  16. ReplicaX

    Pre-Order For Capcom Mini Cute Production

    Do you accept that there is no such thing as "Theft" anymore and can live with "Unplanned Donation, One-time opportunity""? :P
  17. ReplicaX

    NEC XM29 service manual request / B+/HV help?

    Much appreciated and fills in the gaps for many folks with these. You've always been helpful man.
  18. ReplicaX

    Price check: Sega Top Skater

    Llikely doesn't help but at local auction 6 years ago $500 with it complete and 100% working, with a NOS recently put in deck. To give you an idea of the high rollers of that auction: Mario Kart GP 2 4 Player: 24k Donkey Kong: 2k Afterburner Climax: 12k Centipede cocktail: 2k T2 Pinball that...
  19. ReplicaX

    Sega Megalo 410

    Cause the seller that gave them away for free got them that way as the rest of the parts never came as promised to him. I'll leave it at that, not gonna stir drama.
  20. ReplicaX

    Anyone can do board repair, First time owning hardware

    This. I always set to 5v no load (no pcb connected) Power off Connect PCB Power On Adjust 5v while on Better safe than sorry and a good habit to have.