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  1. nem

    Nanao MS8-26 Issues after recap... [vertical collapse] [SOLVED]

    Excellent, well done! You want to set the B+ voltage without it being connected to anything. As for calibrating it, personally with a MS8-26 I boot up a test menu or anything with a black background, set everything to the middle position (brightness, gains, cutoffs) then turn the screen pot...
  2. nem

    Part ID for MS9 chassis connector

    JST has matching connectors in the LV Series, but I would be surprised if RS carried them. 2P-LV for housing, SVF-01T-2.36LN for pins. You can order them straight from JST, but I don't know what kind of MOQ requirements they have for...
  3. nem

    Modeling software for 3D prints

    A-ha, now that you mentioned it, I swear someone recommended that before too, but I forgot. Thanks!
  4. nem

    Modeling software for 3D prints

    I recently got into 3D printing. What are you guys using for modeling? I've been using FreeCAD. Am I using this software wrong? I've been solely using the part design workshop. My models consist of multiple sketches and I build them on top of each other. However, if I go back to previous sketch...
  5. nem

    Part ID for MS9 chassis connector

    Housings: Pins...
  6. nem

    For Sale: New Net City Extended Remote Boards

    That's not available on this remote. If the info in this post is correct, it should be as easy as bridging pin 38 with 42. It likely breaks some other functionality, so it's probably best to put behind a switch. If someone needs in these Europe, I'm happy to sell these to anyone here for the...
  7. nem

    Sega Model 2/3 A/B/C - CRX and how I stopped worrying and learned to love the bomb.

    The Model 3 has digital inputs right on the filter board (CN2). Pinouts are here:
  8. nem

    Sega Model 2/3 A/B/C - CRX and how I stopped worrying and learned to love the bomb.

    The stock PSU will handle Model 3. You just need the harness for it. But yeah, it is very convenient for the handful of stick and button games. That looks correct, yes. Connector series is JST NH. As for video input, I used the 5-pin video connector on the GBS8200, however, according to the...
  9. nem

    Wanted by twistedsymphony (I bet you no one has any of this for sale)

    Wow, how cool is that game! Arkanoid and Cameltry minigames that you control with huge cranks!
  10. nem

    Mini cute monitor flickering

    I would start by checking all of the connectors, especially the ones that go to the neck board. Then inspect the solder work.
  11. nem

    NNC Marquee template request

    There's a black border on the front plastic of the marquee. Anyway, the above template should be fine. Leave the dotted line in the print and then cut along the line. EDIT: hold the phone, it's actually slightly too big. Give me a sec and I'll fix it. EDIT #2: fixed now. I overlaid it against...
  12. nem

    NNC Marquee template request

    You mean just the cut out? See attachment. I haven't used it in a while, but it should be fine. The dotted line will go behind black border.
  13. nem

    Seibu Spi problem

    I took out U1053 and read it with the programmer. The data was garbage, and the first byte was definitely not 01 anymore. The chip is fine though. I reprogrammed it multiple times and read it back, it verified every time. According to this post by channelmaniac , the Yamaha chip controls access...
  14. nem

    Seibu Spi problem

    I have. SPI Revive did do a complete flash when I tried it. Ultimately the board failed once I tried to flash a game on to it. That's true. I'll hot air the other one off too and see what it does on the programmer. I have a bunch. Raiden Fighters 1 is fine though, it works on my other...
  15. nem

    Seibu Spi problem

    14 years ;( Pic is from 2007!
  16. nem

    Seibu Spi problem

    So not sure why, but today I had the idea of trying to fix my SPI motherboard. 10 years ago I purchased the board and Raiden Fighters 2. I bought a RF1 cart soon after, and knowing nothing about the system, I swapped the RF cart on it. The screen showed some kooky countdown from 1000, and I...
  17. nem

    Q GrandAm 25 Project / Documentation

    Load it up in Inkscape and you scan scale it to whatever size you want.
  18. nem

    FS: Dave's Arcade Storage Bin Pulls Updated 2.16.2021

    That's the smaller board version, ie. SXX2D. Honestly, that might be the best version of the board, because you don't have to mess around with jumpers when you switch games. It's auto-loading.
  19. nem

    Monitor wiring

    Some models were specifically made for manufacturers (like 29T for Taito and 29SU for Sega), but other than that, not that I know of. I've seen that 5-pin connector used in Namco cabs, I think that's the only discernible feature.
  20. nem

    *currently out of stock Precision Measuring Devices

    Calipers are absolutely essential. Thumbs up for giving these away!