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  1. BuddyC

    Need help to ID chassis

    Hi! Found someone in Norway who actually has some arcade parts for sale! Very rare.... sadly... Does anybody know what kind of chassis used with these 2 monitors? Seller did not know what kind of screens these are, but said they where used in some raw thrills cab and are from 2006. Looking to...
  2. BuddyC

    WTB: Deathsmiles PCB (Trade for Ibara and some cash?)

    Looking for a clean, good working Deathsmiles PCB. Also got a clean Ibara PCB if a trade plus some cash for your Deathsmiles is a more interesting deal Ibara comes with homemade shockbox. Open to offers!
  3. BuddyC

    Wiring in a momentary action switch for degauss- MS9 chassis

    Hi! After a lot of work, my Capcom Impress lives again after I got a sweet Nanao MS9 29A chassis installed. Everything works like a treat, but since the old Hitachi GML chassis had auto-degauss, I need to install a momentary action switch for degaussing. Capcom Impress did not ha a degauss...
  4. BuddyC

    Toshiba PD1843 chassis - Is this thing safe to turn on? (I doubt it...)

    So...... I finally got my backup Toshiba PD1843 chassis today from Yaton 2.0 (scarlet-1661 on ebay) Well packed, but damn..... Not sure if this is safe to hook up and try even though it is sold as “good working”.... Try to reflow and repair or just ask the seller for a refund? Feel free to chip in!
  5. BuddyC

    Possible issue with Capcom Impress chassis

    Hi! Monitor padawan need help from the monitor Jedis! Got a nice Capcom Impress last week that cleaned up real nice! Gorgeous burn free tube by Toshiba was the cherry on top, but the chassis has got me slightly worried. First of all. Everything works and PSU supply’s a steady 5v, 12v and...
  6. BuddyC

    WTB - Midway 2 On 2 Open Ice Challenge and WWF Wrestlemania

    Looking for both 2 On 2 Open Ice Challenge and WWF Wrestlemania (Midway Wolf unit) Conversions are ok as long as they play good and don’t have annoying CMOS errors. Let me know if you can hook me up! Thanks! <3
  7. BuddyC

    Toshiba PF D29C051 Tube swap possible?

    Calling all monitor gurus! I got a New Net City with at Toshiba PF D29C051 tube and Toshiba PD1843 chassis. All in all the screen looks great, but has some annoying credit burn inn... Only viewable on a white screen, but still annoying as fuck... I can get a hold of a totally burn free tube...
  8. BuddyC

    Mortal Kombat 4 - Input issue (Fixed)

    Calling all Midway experts! Got a weird issue with my MK4 PCB (Revision 3) All tests show up green. Picture is stable and everything runs great except button 1 won’t register. Not in test mode and not in the game. All other buttons work great. Zero issues except for button 1 that does not work...
  9. BuddyC

    Sega New Net City with vertical collapse

    Hi all! Got my NNC today, but the bastard got a full vertical collapse going on..... fuck... Chassis is a Toshiba PD1843 thats dirty ass hell and the tube is a Toshiba D29051. Will try to do a full recap, but does anybody know where the vertical IC is? Any other fault to look out for? Any...
  10. BuddyC

    NVS 4000 PSU repair - 5V drops over time

    Hi all and happy new year! I got a NVS 4000 PSU for use in my Astro cab since it got stereo amp and is generally regarded as a kick ass PSU. Everything works, sound, powers everything on etc etc, but the 5v drops over time. Running for example my CPS2 multi works fine and 5v reads 5,03V when I...
  11. BuddyC

    Positive feedback for loloC2C

    Got a great deal on a superclean Martial Masters PGM kit. Great communication, fast shipping and fast delivery. A true gentleman! Highly recommended! Thanks a lot!
  12. BuddyC

    Problems with writing games with SCSI2SD

    Hello all! Got a weird problem I need help figuring out. Far from a crisis, but any tips would be appreciated. Got a SCSI2SD 5,1 installed with my CPS3 (Revision 2 and 4 motherboard) And Darksoft Superbios. Writing games with the standard CD-drive works like a charm. All games run fine over...
  13. BuddyC

    [Found]Capcom CPS-3 with superbios and 3rd strike ready

    Hi all! Want to buy a Capcom CPS-3 with the following. Motherboard Superbios SCSI2SD and cable original CDROM with CDISO and cable All simms required to play 3rd strike Anyone willing to sell and ship to Norway?
  14. BuddyC

    Found Original Progear No Arashi CPS2

    Looking for US or JAP original Progear for CPS2. Send me a PM if you have one for sale.
  15. BuddyC

    WTB -Sega Naomi motherboard + Capcom I/O board

    Looking for a clean Naomi 1 motherboard in nice condition + Capcom Jamma JVS I/O board with cables. Also got some carts to sell? Awesome! A package deal would be great!
  16. BuddyC

    Hello from Oslo, Norway!

    Hello everyone! Long time reader of this forum, but decided to take the plungde and create an account. Been collecting/hoarding games for 25 years now, but started my arcade addiction just a couple of years ago. Big time Neo Geo and Nintendo fan, but my collection of PGM, Cave and CPS2 is...