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  1. evilsim

    WTB - Ivan "Ironman" Stewart's Super Off Road PCB (with track packs if possible)

    I loved this game so much as a kid, and I just missed an auction on ebay a few weeks ago for a really nice one for nix. It has ignited my desire to own this board. If anyone has one and would can part with it, please hit me up. My delivery address is in Australia, Sydney. Thanks
  2. evilsim

    WTB: seimitsu MS mounting plate

    I've been looking for one or two of these mounting brackets for Seimitsu LS-56-01 joystick which I use in my Astro cab. A mate recently did an order from Akishop (took forever) but accidentally got me the wrong mount. I guess I have some spare other ones if someone wants to swap ? Anyway in...
  3. evilsim

    Bubble Bobble bootleg romswap (super bubble bobble -> bubble bobble)

    I would love to own a genuine Bubble Bobble but I do not. I have 2 bootlegs - one Lost Caves and one Super Bubble Bobble. I would like to change the roms on the super to become regular bubble bobble. Being rather green with modifying roms, I am reaching out to ask if anyone can tell me which...
  4. evilsim

    replace Astro City cabinet locks with simple push-button-to-open, for coin storage box etc

    Hi this may sound obscure, but I dont have any need for the locks on my Astro Cab. SO I would prefer to find a suitable push-button mechanical thing to replace the lock/key. Eg push button to unlock latch, then just close the door and it re-latches. reasoning behind this obscurity: I would...
  5. evilsim

    Super Street fighter 2X video glitching and game crash - halp? I bought a SSF2X from Japan and only just started to use it for longer than just turning it on to test it. After a period of time, the graphics quickly glitch out and the game freezes completely with a plain colour screen. Rebooting results in a...
  6. evilsim

    Positive feedback for zionfarm

    Easy transaction, easy to deal with, great communication. Thanks so much for buying from me ʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっ
  7. evilsim

    no longer looking / found one! [WTB] Sega Candy Cab ( Astro, City or New Net ) Sydney, Australia

    I have some cash put aside and have been looking to pickup a nice cab for keeping. Ideally one with decent sticks/buttons and a CRT in fine working order, but a fixer-upper could be OK if the price is right. If a trade or some sort of trade was wanted I have lots of stuff to flip from Arcade...
  8. evilsim

    FS: Huge collection NES/Sega MS to Wii/PS2 consoles and accessories a lot RGB modded etc & other related goodies like CRT's

    Hello all, I have been buying/selling consoles for a few years now and have acquired a large collection of un-sold items (hoarder). I am reluctant to sell on eBay or other local selling resources like as I end up often dealing with less than ideal clients. I have a perfect record...