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  1. Hackcell

    ISO/WTB Astro City coin entry parts.

    I'm looking for the following 2 pieces for an astro city machine. If you have spare parts and you are willing to sell, please drop me a line. Thanks.
  2. Hackcell

    hello everyone

    Hello there, welcome!
  3. Hackcell

    Capcom SF2' Turbo CPO

    awesome!!! If you find it, please share it 8)
  4. Hackcell

    Capcom SF2' Turbo CPO

    those japanese characters would look great on any SF2 control panel
  5. Hackcell

    Capcom SF2' Turbo CPO

    That PSU <3<3<3
  6. Hackcell

    Namco 246/256 power pinout and parallel circuit question.

    I've been looking for tis pinout!! Thanks!
  7. Hackcell

    RGB amp (VGA to JAMMA)

    ultimarc rgb works like a charm
  8. Hackcell

    Hello from Romania

    Buna, ce fachi? Welcome and greetings from Costa Rica!
  9. Hackcell

    Repro Megalo 410 panel

  10. Hackcell

    Repro Megalo 410 panel

    Hello there! Are you still making this model? Would it fit an astro city cab? I love the overalay design!!!
  11. Hackcell

    New Project - Astro City restoration

    Yesterday, got an astro city machine that was destined to be dumped into the trash. Yeah, it will require plenty of work (specially the crack at the side) and orders online, but I'm quite confident I'll be able to resurrect it. I'm thinking on use fiberglass or something similar to fix that...
  12. Hackcell

    WTB: CPS2 Shells

    I'm looking for 2 B shells. Green. Thanks!
  13. Hackcell

    Escarioth's Aluminum Cases

    Would you make a case for primal rage PCB if the dimensions are provided?
  14. Hackcell

    How to get a 'brand new' monitor screen? My experience...

    that's what I thought... until 2 hours ago :D
  15. Hackcell

    Hey Arcade Projects!

    Welcome! Cheers from Costa Rica!
  16. Hackcell

    Escarioth's Aluminum Cases

  17. Hackcell

    How to get a 'brand new' monitor screen? My experience...

    Freaking awesome!!!!
  18. Hackcell

    NBA JAM TE gfx issue

    Hello, Game is working fine. However, after a couple of minutes the screen starts to look weird (attached pictures as reference). I reset the game and it goes. Monitor plays like a charm with other games. 10 miuntes of burn-in test reports no issues. Any idea of what shall I check? Thanks.
  19. Hackcell

    Killer Instinct 2 not booting.

    Hello, When I fire up my KI2, it produces 7 bongs (u34 error). Not sure if that graphic glitch shown on the picture is common for this error. Also, not sure if no lights at the PCB LEDs is expected under such scenario. Besides checking the EPROM per sé, what else should I check? Thanks!