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    Comprehensive guides for adjusting arcade monitors

    Searching for a comprehensive way to dial my monitor, I have found some very good links and thought this deserved a thread.
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    S24 - No music

    Hello my friends, I just got my S24 board from yahoo japan, and got the multi working but I have no music, even if I get sound effects. I think there's something wrong with the board, anyone has an idea where to look ? Thanks
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    Raster Monitor > Vector monitor upgrade kit and Vector arcade

    Hi, Not my own project, but have you heard about Fred and Barry's DIY kit to turn CRT tubes to XY vector monitor sets ? These are produced by around 30 units batches, and they sell pretty fast. Meanwhile Vectrex spares could work on these setups allowing colors I have ordered one because I...
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    Compact Groovymame/31khz/Steam setup

    Hello, Not sure if it's the right section, I know it's emulation, but I still use this kind of setup because I like to have both real hardware and emulation to compare/tweak and still play games that I can't afford. I would like to gather resource to make my dedicated groovymame windows setup...
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    [WTB] System 24 game

    Hello, I'm on the next batch of System 24 but still can't find any host, if anyone here don't have interest in this system i'd gladly buy it thanks !
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    4 players connectors and schematics

    Hello, I am looking to build CN->DB>UD-USB adapters to add fightsticks for 3p and 4p for these systems, if possible already crimped connectors on the CN side because there are lots of screw terminal DB connectors out there : - CPS 1/2 - Konami (Tmnt - Simpsons - Sunset...) - Midway Nba Jam and...
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    [FS] Dreamcast with USB-GDROM + Noctua + Dreampsu + 1tb HDD (full)

    Hello guys, Due to some arcade spending I have to separate from some good stuff. Here's my boxed euro Dreamcast with all the good stuff I invested in it. I am not looking for profit, just to take money back and let another enthusiast ride this beast. To be completely transparent here's the...
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    Makey Makey for arcade application ?

    Hello guys, The kit is called Makey Makey and it's ridiculously cheap. I've seen a video about this, it's a kind of sensor kit that allows to turn anything into a button. How would this enhance or revive some arcade games that are missing specific controls ? I know it could do a lot with...
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    Earth ground vs Logic ground vs Signal ground

    Hello fellows, While reading some jamma wiring stuff I have discovered that some grounds has not to be mixed inside the cabinet. It seems that logic ground has to to go the power supply and earth ground has to be connected to the frame and they shouldn't get mixed. Is that true ? I have...
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    Good quality Jamma extension cables ?

    Hello, I have come to the point today that either using the most common jamma extenders or putting the supergun or the jammafier directly to the pcb both solutions are so fragile when it comes to change often PCBS. - Jamma cable : loss of voltage, loose pins, solder going bad - Straight to the...
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    WTB - Original panel NNC 2L12B

    Hello, I am looking for an original NNC panel in mint condition if someone has one to sell please let me know. Thanks
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    SSF2T with 3D0 music ?

    Is it possible technically to make something like the MSU for SDS2NES working with the multi to make SSF2T play with the 3DO/PC orchestral musics ? It can sound silly or useless but I am just curious if hacks like these could happen some day.
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    Playing online with real hardware through PC software ?

    Hello, I was thinking about JVS and it's possibility to link to multiple IO boards through USB. Would it be possible if someone has skills to create a software that emulates JVS IO and connect users through internet ? The idea everyone has his client and can start a master session, then hosts...
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    Hello from Bordeaux

    Hi everyone, Better later than never, I am an french/moroccan architect who lives in Bordeaux, and I used to play a lot since my childhood as a hobby, like everyone here. I began with a VCS 2600 clone with built in games, it was called something like Computer Game, and some Casio handheld...
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    Acrylic cases and boxes for my PCBS and multis ideas and suggestions

    Hi, this post is intended to discuss generally ideas to protect and make pcbs look good. First I will begin with my examples, I use boxes and cases for PCBS These are Raja Boxes, reference BOR45 Found there : Link to Raja store Here are the pictures
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    Jailbars when Irem M72 connected to Sega New Net City Cab

    Hello, I have bought recently Irem M72 Legend of Hero Tonma PCB. I tried it on 2 setups : - HAS supergun with meanwell psu gscartsw and a PVM 20L4 : no noise at all - Sega New Net City + Toshiba PD1843 Trisync Chassis + Riverservice JVS>JAMMA adapter pcb model + Stepdown converter : I get...
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    CPS2 black screen but LCD show game working ---SOLVED

    Hello, I have a problem since this morning, when I turn on the CPS2 it turns on, the LCD shows which game is playing, it also flashes successfully but I get a black screen and no sound. I tried to reseat everything but it's still the same. I have done nothing special yesterday, just played...