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  1. moorebwb

    Looking for a system 16B game for sale(Uk preferred)

    hi ya there, Im looking for a cheap as possible sega system 16b game for the up and coming multikit, struggling to find 1 in uk which is affordable. Cheers
  2. moorebwb

    Connecting bridge between cps2 multikit

    hi there, I'm having trouble with connecting the bridge between the 2 darksoft boards, there's a slight mis alignment to actually slot it on...any suggestions?
  3. moorebwb

    Hello There! Dave from London

    Pleasure to join the forum, i was wondering if i can be put in the right direction to install my cps2 multikit, ive just recently received it on top of the stv. And where i can get the games pack from to put on the microsd. Cheers!