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  1. Wraith

    CPS2 hot glue situation

    Finally got around to opening up my cps2 multi that I got awhile back, wanted to see if it had the key writing wires. Looks like it doesn't and it's been hot glued to shit. Will I be able to install the key writing wires with this mess? Any help appreciated
  2. Wraith

    Advice on MERCS glitches (pics and video page 2) You guys think this is a decent price? Thoughts on board? Good candidate for cps1 multi in the future? Any advice appreciated.
  3. Wraith

    Positive Feedback for iGaroux

    Excellent packaging, fast shipping, works perfectly. I am LOVING this cps2 with multi :D
  4. Wraith

    X-Men COTA test menu settings won’t save

    Just got a cps2 multi kit, everything works great, but last night I kept trying to turn COTA on free play and demo sound ON, and no matter what I did, when I would exit the test menu it would be back at default. Any reason why one game in the pack wouldn’t let me save settings?
  5. Wraith

    JAMMA edge connector pin lifted

    How should I fix this It was black/charred when I bought it from SNK** but now the pin thing is lifting up and is all black underneath of it. I think it’s the +5v pin Edit: lol, meant SNK, not RGB
  6. Wraith

    ATP 300 Supergun

    Just got the windy gaming atp 300 super gun. It has two switches on the back. One is “sync cleaner - on/off” and the other is “audio attenuater- on/off” I am running cps3 w/ darksoft superbios into a 32” standard def Sony trinitron crt using the provided S-video cables. Can someone explain...
  7. Wraith

    First boot - darksoft superbios - DELETE THREAD MY MISTAKE

    Ok i boot up the supergun, try holding 1p to get to the darksoft menu, and it says "You have inserted a new CD-ROM, rewrite the game / cancel, it wont let me get to the darksoft menu is this correct?
  8. Wraith

    Superbios cart labels Found this site, was wondering which one of these accurately reflects my cart. Mine is a “custom” superbios and was a Europe new generation. Just want to put the most accurate label on it for accurate preservation