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  1. AlxUnderBase

    [FOUND] Final Lap (1,2 or 3) pcb by Namco

    Good morning fellas ! I'm looking for a Namco - Final Lap pcb (1 , 2 or 3) If the pcb is located in UK , is the best for my needs ! Give me a sign if you have one ! Thank you ✌ PS : Found one Final Lap 2 pcb located in Sheepscar, Durham , UK , witch is awesome :happy:
  2. AlxUnderBase

    [FOUND] : Thanks, HAMMY

    I have a working Cannon Dancer / Osman conversion ready and i'm looking to trade only for a working Ganbare! Gonta!! 2 / Party Time: Gonta the Diver II pcb ^^ Best, Alex
  3. AlxUnderBase

    [FS] Out Zone , SF Zero & Alpha , Sky Kid , Ghost'n Goblins , Surprise Attack and few more hits !

    - Out Zone (Toaplan) Europe region pcb = 400€ + shipping - Karate Blazers (Video System Co. LTD) = 185€ + Shipping - Shinobi (Sega System 16A set) = 250€ + Shipping - Surprise Attack (Konami pcb)- 100% working (jamma pins not look so good) = 300€ + Shipping - Ghost & Goblins (Capcom pcb) = 550€...
  4. AlxUnderBase

    SOLD : DE10-Nano - MiSTer project

    Hello guys ! I used just for few hours this and I'm done with this project . It's not for me ! For that I'm selling next : DE10-Nano ,complete in box and most of accesories who comes with this package. Includes : - Retro Access MiSTer RGB cable - Anker 4-Port USB 3.0 Ultra Slim Data Hub for...
  5. AlxUnderBase

    WTB : Various things

    Hello guys. Looking for some custom chips from Data East boards , if you got any scrap data east , i'll be happy to get them cheers! 101 custom 75 custom If you have any as a spare, i’ll be happy to buy it . Give me a sign via PM’s or here in the theard or a message on my twitter...
  6. AlxUnderBase

    Voultar’s “Capcom Classics” Jamma Adapter

    DIY Description : The Capcom Classics adapter is to be used for the select number of Capcom arcade titles which use the “Capcom Classics” proprietary arcade pinout. This adapter allow you to seamlessly & safely interface your Capcom arcade PCB’s directly to the Jamma standard with no wiring...
  7. AlxUnderBase

    Positive Feedback for Darksoft

    Glad to meet a great person. Yes , it's about @Darksoft itself ! Bough these from his collection : Rastan (Taito) , Major Title 2 (Irem M92) and Secret Agent (Data East) . I can say you can't find these on all roads on the price that they was sold to me :saint: Also , the boards comes very...
  8. AlxUnderBase

    Positive feedback for Hammy

    Thank you @Hammy for your awesome help with my boards . 4 of them from my personal collection have various issues :whistling: 1 : 2 : 3 : 4 :
  9. AlxUnderBase

    Positive feedback for xtrasmiley

    A big pleasure to grab goodies from his collection. The boards comes very well packaged . Thanks ^^
  10. AlxUnderBase

    [SOLD] Framemeister - XRGB Mini

    Framemeister - XRGB Mini,complete in box and most of accesories who comes with this package are still unopened. Includes : -Stock JP21 adapter -CSYNC EuroSCART to Framemeister XRGB-mini adapter (was 23.99£ when i purchased from Retro Gaming Cables) -XRGB Mini Framemeister English Remote...
  11. AlxUnderBase

    Hello from Romania !

    Hello guys ! I'm Alex , i'm a dj (my job is in the music domain) and in the same time i love the games world and in the meantime i wanna learn something about how can i play arcade games ! In the latest days i read few infos here and i started to grab a Cps2 Darksoft Multi cart and also i'm on...
  12. AlxUnderBase

    Wanted : SUICIDED CPS2 Board

    Hello guys, I'm looking about a suicided CPS2 board, a green one because i'm intend to using on a CPS2 multi cart and i don't wanna loose a cps2 B working board ! I'm opened on your sugestions and also i don't have a specific budget , just i will buy one if i'll find a good offer from your side...